Thank You For a Great Fall Semester

After a great fall semester, the Maroon-News would like to extend its sincere thanks to all who contributed to this semester’s fine journalism.

We had a lot of fun following Colgate sports this semester, and the success of several of our Colgate sports teams made this semester even more enjoyable.

Our newspaper followed all Colgate sports with enthusiasm, but the success of the football team, the women’s soccer team, and the volleyball team was exciting to follow.

Our paper makes a conscientious effort to follow all Colgate sports to the best of our ability, and we consider this semester a resounding success.

The success of this paper could not be possible without the cooperation of our Colgate sports teams.

We would like to thank our fall sports teams, their captains, coaches and players.

Also, the Maroon-News would like to extend its thanks to all of the writers who diligently followed Colgate sports this year, regardless of whether the results were positive or negative.

After a tremendous semester, the Colgate Maroon-News is looking forward to even more success in the winter and spring of 2010.