In The Light: Kathleen Onorevole

Optimistic and detail-oriented. Although senior Kathleen Onorevole chose these words to describe herself, the terms dedicated, giving and accomplished likewise would be fitting descriptors. Throughout four years at Colgate, Onorevole has become involved in activities that highlight her many interests. Considering the variety of community service organizations that Onorevole participates in, volunteering is clearly one of these passions.

Working closely with the Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education (COVE) as a leader for the North Broad Street Tutoring program, Onorevole generously dedicates time in her busy schedule to assisting students in Oneida. However, Onorevole’s involvement with community service spans the gamut of ages, as she also volunteers with the “Adopt a Grandparent” program serving the elderly community.

Outside of her volunteer work, Onorevole is active in Wind Ensemble and is currently a member of Konosioni. Additionally, Onorevole works closely with the environmental initiatives on campus, an extension of her interests as an environmental biology major. Her semester spent abroad in Australia provided a chance to experience science outside of the Colgate community.

“I really liked the biology classes there. They [the professors] would take us out for field trips.  It was really nice to get hands on experience,” Onorevole said.

In continuing to pursue her interests, Onorevole hopes to obtain a year-long research position in aquatic biology after graduation and plans on then applying to graduate school.  However, in the spirit of a liberal-arts student, Onorevole’s academic passions are not confined by her major.

“I’ve always really enjoyed being able to go to a lecture for an hour and learn about something I’m not studying in class,” Onorevole said.

Undoubtedly, Onorevole’s involvement over the past four years makes her the epitome of the well-rounded student. When asked what advice she would give to her fellow students, Onorevole reflected the same wisdom, passion and selflessness that she has demonstrated in her Colgate career.

“[I would tell students] the value of sticking with something for four years.  You develop personally from your involvement and look back after four years and look at something you helped to develop and give back to the school,” Onorevole said.

As the Class of 2010 graduates, Onoverole will likely move on to successes beyond Hamilton. Although the field of aquatic biology will be gaining an asset, fellow students, faculty, schoolchildren in Oneida and her adopted grandparent will be sorry to see her go.