Letter to the Editor: A Call For Greek Growth

The majority of students at Colgate want to be in fraternities or sororities. There are not enough fraternities and sororities on campus to satisfy the demand. Students who don’t get into a fraternity or sorority are often crushed as they will be missing out on a wonderful social addition to their time at Colgate. I urge the administration to work to increase the number of fraternities and sororities on the Colgate campus. This would go a long way towards limiting the interest in unrecognized organizations.

The debate on fraternities and sororities cuts both ways. There is no doubt though that at Colgate they play an integral role in the social lives of most students and are a key part of the culture of the school. They are a big reason that Colgate students are so crazy about the school and love to give back any way they can after they graduate. 

I am glad to see that Jeffrey Herbst comes from a school where close to 30 fraternities and sororities are successfully contributing to the social fabric. I truly hope Colgate has enough fraternities and sororities in the future so that those who wish to join can. That will be the administration’s best defense against both the risks of unrecognized organizations and the numerous problems that will be generated if they have to suspend or expel students.