Letter to the Editor: Donovan’s Dud



Donovan’s Pub is disappointing, and the high price of beer is to blame. Though the space is excellently designed, it is also sterile: a campus bar with no students has no character. At last Thursday’s happy hour, only two students stopped by. At concerts and other special events only a few people usually purchase beer since the bar is not equipped with kegs, pitchers are unavailable and happy hour pricing is hardly a bargain. Perhaps Donovan’s should seek to emulate the Colgate Inn Taproom on Thursdays – a bar that quickly fills up with students, thirsty for “dollar drafts.” If Colgate is serious about promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol, Donovan’s is an excellent venue to make a point. In the past, students and their professors shared an after-class beer at the pub, and discussions from class spilled into the social. The Donovan’s Pub of the past proved that alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation, and that binge drinking and blackouts don’t have to be normal. If we make changes, perhaps the Donovan’s Pub of today can do the same.