An Absolute Disgrace

I hope that title got your attention, because that’s the way I feel about the Golden State Warriors right now. As you will get to know, I am a passionate Bay Area Sports fan, but I don’t care about any team as much as I do about the Warriors (feel sorry for me when I say that).

The Warriors, as an organization, do everything they can to lose all their fans. They have a coach, Don Nelson, who tries to run all his good players out of town until he has a carcass of a franchise remaining. Case in point, tonight at Cleveland. The Warriors only had seven healthy bodies due in large part to Nelson running Stephen Jackson out of town.

The team has no direction with their personnel. Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry are the same player, they lack any strong big men, and they have a bunch of wing players that do the same thing.

What’s worse, they just completed a trade for a player who showed up saying he’s having surgery and might be out for the year! Literally, things cannot get worse for Warrior fans.