In The Light: Mike LoFaso

To study a subject is to test the limits of your knowledge. For senior Mike LoFaso, a mathematical economics major, study has meant challenging his limits through critical thinking and careful reasoning. The endeavor has certainly paid off for him. LoFaso was recently accepted into Harvard Business School’s 2+2 program, a special course of study for students without a formal business background. LoFaso is certainly heading off to big places, but he maintains that he found his stride here, in the Colgate classroom.

“To work with great professors, great peers, builds up your critical thinking skills and your general understanding of a subject,” LoFaso said. “Especially when you work together with peers in a group environment, it lets you look at a subject in new ways.”

LoFaso will be the atypical Harvard Business student next year. He enters without formal business training, but instead brings with him the theoretical skills that come with a degree from a liberal arts college.

“Now that I have a strong liberal arts foundation, it’s good to add some practical skills,” LoFaso said.

Outside the classroom, LoFaso participates in life on campus as a member of the Konosioni Honor Society, the Catholic Newman Community and the Budget Allocations Committee.

LoFaso comes to Colgate from Buffalo, New York where growing up he discovered a love for sports and academics. LoFaso has followed and played many sports, especially his favorite game, soccer. However after high school, his duties as a college student came first.

“I really missed playing sports here,” LoFaso said. “But I like how at Colgate you have the opportunity to stay active. I go to the gym, stay in shape.”

Just because LoFaso’s interest in athletics did not manifest itself on the field, does not mean it did not find its way into life at Colgate. LoFaso has been able to express his love for the game from the stands.

“It’s great to just to go to the game with some friends,” LoFaso said.

Of course, being a fan is much better when you have a whole fan section behind you. The people LoFaso has met at Colgate and the friends he has made have been a defining feature of the college experience. He imagines that once he is done with his studies at Colgate, this is what he will miss the most about college.

“Never again in your life are you going to have such a great bunch of people within a mile radius,” LoFaso said. “So appreciate it while you can.”

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