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Sustainability: How to Be Spooky Yet Sustainable This Halloween

Danielle Silverman, Contributing Writer October 22, 2021

The spookiest part of Halloween isn’t the haunted houses or frightening decorations; it’s the amount of waste produced by its celebration. From the excess purchasing of costumes to the plastic...

Race Issues: Who’s Behind the Camera? When Asian Film and TV Is Made By White People

Dylan Shi, Contributing Writer October 22, 2021

The year is 2018, and I’m walking out of the movie theater after having watched the film "Crazy Rich Asians" for the third time. My third time seeing it, and I still shed tears at the wedding scene....

JOYRIDE: Blue Origin, a company founded by former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, launched its New Shepard rocket from Van Horn, Texas on Oct. 13.

Unjustified Joyride: Bezos’ Disingenuous Ride to Space

Avery Brundige, Contributing Writer October 22, 2021

Jeffrey Bezos spent approximately 5.5 billion dollars on his short voyage into space in July, according to Global Citizen. The four-ish minutes sans gravity cost Bezos 2.7% of his $205 billion...

The Blockbuster Term Ahead at the Supreme Court

Michael Hanratty, Contributing Writer October 22, 2021

The Supreme Court had a tumultuous 2020-2021 term. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death in September of 2020 threw the Court into turmoil just a week before the term started, and the rapid confirmation...

What’s Left: The Virginia and New Jersey Tight Gubernatorial Races Reflect Possible Post-Trump Republicanism

Elli Ament, Contributing Writer October 22, 2021

As the polling margin tightens between the leading Republican and Democratic gubernatorial candidates in New Jersey and Virginia, Democrats are being forced to reckon with a recovering Republican party's...

CIVIL UNREST: Protests have sprang up across Lebanon, including this clash that took place in Southern Beirut on Oct. 15.

World News: Violence in Lebanon Highlights a Struggle Against Ruling Elite

Samantha Wotring, Contributing Writer October 22, 2021

The country of Lebanon was thrust into an all too familiar turmoil on Thursday, Oct. 14. To fully understand the unrest taking place in today’s Lebanon, its history must be explored. According...

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