What’s On Tap: Filter Options for Non-Potable Water

Symptoms of lead poisoning include decreased brain function, general fatigue and possible liver failure. Notably, these are also symptoms of an overworked college student. It’s no wonder Colgate hadn’t noticed it was being poisoned for months by the school’s water supply.

While the campus is taking steps to limit exposure, students are still dubious about the source of their water. If you’re worried about future exposure to lead, don’t panic—the Maroon-News has you covered. Here is our ranking of the best ways to make sure your water is filtered and potable:

6. Bottled Water ($5-$20): If you hate the environment, this is the best option for you. Sip on filtered water with the comfort of knowing your bottle will end up floating in an ocean somewhere.

5. Brita 36092 Metro Pitcher ($16.99): Designed to fit on most refrigerator shelves, the Brita is a tried and true classic. But if we’re being honest, the tap water in the fall is already ice-cold. Save that fridge space for a bottle of Pinot and choose something more efficient.

4. University-Installed Water Cooler (Free): Have you ever looked around your apartment and asked, “What could I do to make this feel like an office?” Well, wonder no more. For the cost of absolutely nothing, Colgate will install a water cooler in the middle of your living room. Chat with Karen from finance and see how the kids are doing. Or, gather with your roommates to talk about the weather. Whatever you decide, the water cooler is sure to become the focal point of your living space, whether you like it or not. 

3. University-Installed Pur Filter (Free): While this might provide potable water, the filter can’t handle heat. You’ll most likely freeze your hands off trying to wash dishes or end up cleaning your bowls in the bathroom sink. We recommend keeping a bottle of lotion nearby if you choose this option.

2. Brita 36387 Premium Water Filter Bottles ($10-$20): Let’s be real, Colgate didn’t know lead was in the water once. Who’s to say it won’t happen again? This easily-portable bottle will make sure your water is clean, no matter where you get it on campus.

1. No Filter (Free): You’ve survived this long with prolonged exposure to lead. I bet you can make it through the rest of the semester. And if you do develop a medical condition, you’ll be set for life once you sue Colgate and receive your settlement in court. This method is high risk, high reward. 

In this world, it can be tough to find clean water (despite supposedly being a basic human right). We hope this list will help make your search just a little easier.