Letter to the Editors: New Plans for the Chobani Cafe

Dear Colgate Community,

The University’s newest dining option, Chobani at the Hieber Café, has been well received by many of its visitors, but the student dining advisory committee and others have sent us several suggestions regarding the location’s meal plan options, pricing and selection. We want you to know that Chartwells is listening, and we have a number of new changes to share.

We are changing how the premium meal plan works at the café. We’ve heard from students that the current limit of four swipes per day makes it difficult when you’re spending a lot of time in the library. Meal swipes will continue to be limited to four per day, but premium meal plan holders can now have a sticker placed on their gatecard that will enable them to return to the café for unlimited drip coffee, tea, espresso and lattes without counting as one of the four swipes. Stickers for premium meal plan holders will be available at the office in Frank during regular business hours and at special times and locations listed below.

Another change we are instituting is a discount for using a reusable mug. Now, if you visit the cafe with your own mug, you will receive a 50 cent discount on drip coffee, tea, lattes and espresso. A second seasonal soup offering will also now be available, starting with Chobani three-bean chili, and two new baked goods—pound cake and pumpkin scones—will be added to the lineup.

Pre-made sandwiches are being added to the cooler grab-and-go selections, and those items can be part of a meal plan entree selection. New sandwiches include: turkey and havarti on sourdough, roasted vegetables on ciabatta, chicken salad spinach wrap and peanut butter and jelly on wheat. Grab-and-go fruit cups are also available as a side option.

Moving forward, Chartwells is working with Chobani to provide a vegan, dairy-free yogurt option, as well as a rotating seasonal simit sandwich and yogurt creation. In addition, we are taking steps to reduce paper and plastic usage in the cafe. We are also continuing to evaluate café pricing and offerings.

Lastly, we are excited about the installation of soft seating options and table-top charging stations. Thank you again for all of the feedback. We encourage anyone with additional thoughts or ideas to reach out to us through one of the following methods:

Email: [email protected]

Text2Solve (anonymous): (315) 825-4119

Alternatively, you may email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected].


Joanne Borfitz, Associate Vice President for Community Affairs and Auxiliary Services

Pat Raynard, Chartwells Director of Operations