Pia Eger


Pia Eger is the German language intern at Colgate. Prior to her time at Colgate, Pia studied at the University of Freiburg, an institution founded in 1457, located in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. The university has a partnership with Colgate, allowing students various opportunities to spend time in Hamilton at some point in their academic career.

One of Pia’s favorite moments during the week occurs when German students at Colgate attempt to teach local elementary school students the language. 

“The little kids love it and it is very fun for the volunteers as well. Each lesson is first tested out on me, so my day will include pretending to be a seven year old who does not understand a word of German,” Eger said. 

In addition, the mere progression of her students in learning German is enough to make Eger smile.

Even though she exerts lots of effort on campus to forward the paths of her students, Eger also enjoys activities off campus. 

“I love ballroom dancing, reading and playing board games. Apart from that, I recently took a trip to Princeton to do some research in their archive,” Eger said.

All in all, the beauty of Colgate’s campus has surprised her, but Eger is also adequately preparing for the notorious snowy season just around the corner. 

“I’ve been warned about the terrible, terrible winters and have set my expectations accordingly,” Eger said.