113 Broad Complex Undergoes Construction

An external contracting company began replacing the roofs of the Brigham and Read Houses of 113 Broad Street complex on September 19. The project is scheduled to be completed in the beginning of November. 

According to Project Manager Robert Dwyer, the construction is a necessary effort in ensuring the function and safety of the buildings. 

“The roofs on Brigham and Read Houses are at the end of their useful lives and were becoming problematic with leaks,” Dwyer said.

According to Dwyer, the project is causing disruption to students living in 113 Broad. In the statement sent to the campus community on September 17, Dwyer explained that during the initial construction phase, which includes rooftop vacuuming, the largest disruptions will be noise, dust and privacy concerns with the workers being outside windows. Dwyer recommends that residents of the complex keep their windows and blinds closed from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to minimize disturbances.

Stacey Millard, Director of Residential Life, addressed the timing of the project and explained that it is not possible to complete all construction and maintenance projects in the summer months. Millard added that Colgate is working on its Third Century Plan, which includes extensive residential facility renovations.

“As [the university] moves into a period of significant investments in residential facilities, we may no longer be able to contain that work to the summer. We will strive to minimize the impact on students as much as possible,” Millard said.

Millard also noted that while there are currently no larger renovation plans for 113 Broad Street, the roofs of Whitnall and Shepardson Houses are also scheduled to be repaired at anundisclosed date. 

Sophomore Kaitlyn Borruso is a resident of Shepardson House. While her building is not currently being renovated, she said she feels the construction is taking a toll on her daily routine. 

 “[Construction is] blocking a major walkway that I know a lot of students use. They also have all their equipment on the outdoor basketball court that a lot of us play on after classes,” Borruso said.

Borruso said she feels frustrated and disappointed by the timing and planning of the project.

“I feel like they planned this construction very poorly. They obviously knew that the roof was an issue; they should’ve done it while students were not here and living in the buildings,” Borruso said. 

President Brain Casey emphasized that the construction was necessary in order to keep 113 Broad open for students. 

“That was an emergency effort to keep the building open. We knew that tour needed to be empty and the new dorms let us do that. That roof was about to fail, I don’t want to put another dollar in it after that,” Casey said. “I think long term both Gate House and 113 broad need to come down…I don’t know what the timing of the new buildings would be, but eventually they need to come down.”