Baker’s Dozen: Kingston Perry


Kingston Perry

Sophomore Kingston Perry is a man of adventure, exploration and curiosity. Perry was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana and has been travelling his whole life. 

After saving up for a couple months, Perry and two of his friends from Bozeman decided to plan a trip to Europe after their first year of college. The itinerary took a few months to sort out: purchasing Eurail passes, booking hostels and coordinating a route to travel along. 

Perry and his two friends travelled to Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, France and Spain throughout the duration of their European journey. 

Looking towards the future, Perry hopes to spend this upcoming summer working as a river guide on the Grand Canyon. The summer prior to his first-year at Colgate, Perry actually floated the Grand Canyon on vacation. 

In 2020, he hopes to serve as an assistant guide which would mean floating the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon about 6 to 8 times throughout the course of the summer.