LGBTQ Awareness

Curry Knox & Malik Wright

In recognition of National Coming Out Week, individuals around the country have been dedicated to raising awareness [and blank] the LGBTQ cause. On National Coming Out Day, October 11, 2008, the LGBTQ community celebrates and acknowledges a day of awareness for the “coming out” experience.

For those who are not familiar with the term “coming out,” it refers to the process by which individuals in the LGTBQ community openly acknowledge their sexual orientation to themselves and/or others. This process is often complicated and emotional. Why does one need to come out as LGBTQ and not heterosexual? Why is being LGBTQ considered different and deviant? Why is it considered a choice to be LGBTQ but natural to be heterosexual? These are several questions that deal with the underlying social and societal implications of being LGBTQ. Therefore, creating awareness around the causes and experiences of LGBTQ individuals at Colgate and across the country is essential. This is why we celebrate National Coming Out Day, for all those who need or want support.

For more information or support contact Emily Blake, Assistant Director of the Office of LGBTQ Initiatives at [email protected] or for other support networks contact GLOW, Advocates, and/or Lambda.