In the Light – Molly Thrailkill

Brtittani Dimare

The school year has just begun, but for senior Molly Thrailkill, this final year at Colgate might just be the best.

“I liked every year here,” Thrailkill said. “But senior year is looking pretty good so far.”

The statement is a rather lofty one considering all the memories and accomplishments that have filled Thrailkill’s three previous years at Colgate. A French and Art History double major, Thrailkill is probably known most for her talents on stage, but that’s not all she’s been involved in during her time at school. The General Manager of Masque and Triangle is also an officer of Tri Delta, and she used to work in the Admissions Office while also taking part in Student Musical Theater and Experimental Theater.

A San Francisco native, Thrailkill’s arrival at Colgate was a bit of a shock.

“The snow was weird,” Thrailkill said. “There’s snow by where I live, but you drive to it. It doesn’t come to you.”

Still, the weather change didn’t stop Thrailkill from jumping into all that Colgate has to offer. In fact, her advice to all first-year students is to follow her lead and do just that.

“There are so many amazing opportunities here,” Thrailkill said. “You shouldn’t waste them.”

Thrailkill certainly hasn’t let any of those opportunities go to waste. Just this last year, Thrailkill travelled with a group of students to Dijon, France for a study abroad program.

“Going abroad was amazing,” Thrailkill said. “It was an incredible group of people that I might not have met otherwise. I got to see places that I never thought I’d get to see.”

Back on campus, some of Thrailkill’s favorite memories involve her time on stage. Though she only dabbled in theatre during high school, once she got to Colgate, she found that she really loved it.

As her time at Colgate comes to an end, Thrailkill admitted that she’s not sure what she wants to do after school.

“It’s scary,” Thrailkill said. “I’m not quite sure. Graduate school is on the radar for Art History, but it’s all up in the air.”

Still, she has time to decide all that and is making the most out of her final year at Colgate in the process. So what is she really looking forward to this year?

“Seeing my friends,” Thrailkill said. “I’m excited about taking the upper-level classes for my major, too, but I can’t wait to see everyone.”