Colgate Couture – Dos and Don’ts When Dressing for Dates

Laura Stoloff

Let’s be honest. The days of Friday night movie dates and Saturday strolls in the park seem long gone, but once in a blue moon, an ambitious male proves chivalry still exists. He picks up his maiden for a night out on the town or, shall we say, dinner at one of the few restaurants in the Hamilton area. Yet before the night begins, every girl hopes to pick the perfect ensemble in order to woo Prince Charming and make the perfect impression.

The most important aspect when dressing for a date is to feel comfortable. If you’re constantly pulling on your white top in fear of exposing your awful nude bra or fidgeting with your feet because your blisters are raw and red, your date will sense a lack in confidence that may leave you numberless. Skip that barely-there tank or dress and opt for an ensemble that leaves something for the eye to imagine. With a plunging neckline and micro-mini, the date will end at your place before the dinner has even begun.

Consider footwear carefully with any dress, skirt or pants. Shoes often hint at a woman’s personality or current mood. Flats, sandals, boots and heels are all acceptable options for a date in Hamilton, depending on the destination and girl wearing it. However, males (especially those fashion-impaired at Colgate) don’t understand trends and will most likely read into certain choices. Flats tend to say, “I’m not trying to overly impress you, but I still look effortlessly chic,” while heels may come off as, “I’m potentially high maintenance, but my legs look great.” If you can’t live without your stilettos, pair the look with jeans and a casual top. The classic wedge is also an alternative, and of course, guaranteeing a safe walk home.

Take cues from runway shows, whether you want to channel the innocence of the English countryside in a floral top or dress, show your edge in rock-and-roll-wear reminiscent of Billy Idol or portray a sophistication of minimalism and tailoring.

Chloe presented a romantically sweet collection that will leave your man thinking of you as oh-so-sweet. Models sported long-sleeved sheer blouses in dark blues and black, which brought a subtle sex appeal. Paired with blouses were mid-thigh embroidered skirts, with hair braided loosely at the nape of the neck to look slightly wind-blown. The collection, full of micro-flower prints and soft, flowing fabrics, evoked images from the film Atonement, especially the character of Cecilia Tallis, played by Keira Knightley. In order to make this look appear more city than country, finish it off with an oversized men’s blazer or coat.

If you feel less innocent and more seductive, opt for a rock-and-roll-inspired outfit that reflects you as a nightlife queen and dancer extraordinaire. At Balmain, bare legs stole the show. Mini dresses hugged the body tightly, so don’t forget a cardigan or cropped leather jacket on top. Tight black pants, booties, loose-fitting tanks and embellished blazers appeared effortless.

The most notable look was a brocade mini skirt with a long-sleeved black top and booties, denoting one of the most important rules in fashion: balancing proportions. If you choose a plunging neckline, leave the bottom covered, and, with a mini, always stay covered on top. With this look, wear the hair down, straight and slightly disheveled for a bed-head vibe.

Taking the minimalist approach is always a safe bet, and promises an understated elegance. The runways at Calvin Klein, Jill Sander, Lanvin and Narciso Rodriguez showed that subtlety has never looked better in the days of over-accessorizing. Narcisco Rodriguez said backstage, “Fashion is moving in so many different directions now. I want clean, pure, sexy and solid again” (Nicole Phelps, Rodriguez paired tailored men’s jackets with sheer pleated skirts that floated down the runway, and black slacks with black structured sleeveless shirts that evoked sleek architectural designs.

Next time you can’t decide what to wear on romantic outing, consider these tips, and most importantly, let your true style emerge. There’s nothing worse than trying to dress in a way that clearly isn’t you.