Antonio Brown Gets His Way in Social Media Tantrum

Cam Cobey, Maroon-News Staff

Crazy. That is the only way to describe the Antonio Brown saga that started at the beginning of the summer and has ramped up even in the past week.

AB’s antics started reaching public view near the end of last season, when he was dissatisfied with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He requested a trade from the team that drafted him in the sixth round in 2010. Then it was reported that he would be going to the Buffalo Bills, which he dubbed “fake news” on Instagram. Then, in early March, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders for a third and a fifth round pick. Most people would be tired of this guy already. Three teams in less than six months? Wow, right? But the saga continues.

He arrived in Oakland, got frostbite on his feet from cryotherapy and decided to post a picture of his frostbitten, peeled and crusty feet on Instagram. Gross.

Next, he threatened to retire if he could not wear his old helmet, which the NFL would not approve of due to the league’s 10-year safety policy. Brown’s helmet was not the safest, from a modern-day technology position. But it was his helmet and he loved it. He is like a participant on The Bachelor. Drama, drama, drama.

He posted his fines from the team on Instagram (Instagram becoming a theme, right?), confronted Raiders general manager Mike Mayock, which reportedly included Brown calling him a ‘cracker’ and punting a ball in frustration.

He then apologized to the entire team, and it was reported he would play in their game on Monday Night Football against the Denver Broncos.

He then posted a video on Instagram of his conversation with Raiders coach Jon Gruden, which expressed both of their unhappiness.

He was fined $200,000 and his $29 million on his contract was voided.

Once again, he took to Instagram, this time asking the Raiders to release him. The same day the Raiders obliged and Brown proceeded to sign with the constantly-plotting New England Patriots.

Ok, you might think it is finally over. Well, for now at least. This guy is a diva, plain and simple. He is one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL with his insane footwork, route-running and playmaking ability. He is number one in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns among all receivers since 2013. And in single seasons, Brown led the league in TDs once, receiving yards twice and receptions twice. He is elite. His performance was never the question. It’s his combative, brutally straight-forward personality that has caused issues.

Is Brown misunderstood? I do not think so. If you want to play football, then play. Do not straddle in between and ruin locker rooms just to create drama and attention for yourself. Taking to social media is also immature and not how a professional should handle problems.

Brown’s behavior is similar to that of a young child’s. He does not get what he wants, so he throws a fit. He talks back to his coaches, ignores his teammates and flip-flops every day just so he can get what he wants. And maybe what he wanted was to be on a Super Bowl contending team, which he is now with the New England Patriots.

This is one of the most interesting parts of the story. When Antonio Brown signed with the New England Patriots, I was shocked. The football world was shocked. How could this be? Arguably the best receiver in the league just went to the best team in the league with the greatest quarterback of all time throwing to him. How could this have happened?

Some Patriots theorists out there thought it was one of coach Bill Belichick’s schemes. The Patriots could not trade for him last year, so Belichick tells AB to go to the Raiders, act crazy, get released and come to New England. A wild theory that I don’t believe, but apparently the Patriots did want to trade for him last season. He also reportedly consulted a social media specialist to accelerate his release from the team. It kind of lines up, at least it makes for a good ole Patriots conspiracy theory.

If anyone can get him in line, it’s the Patriots organization and Belichick. And if he acts out, he is gone. He will be cut within a week. They do not need his toxic energy if that is the way he chooses to act. It is a low risk, very high reward situation for the Patriots. Out of any NFL organization, the Patriots might be the ones to change AB’s attitude and make him feel that New England is where he wants to be. Most importantly, the Pats need him to create plays and not drama.