Student Groups Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Offer Romantic Options

Mollie Reilly

Whether you count down the days to it, ignore it or hate it more than the Saturday night Jug line, there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is here. Luckily, for those who are impaired gift givers, there are plenty of on-campus options for showing your boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, random hook-up or friend that they are worth spending some ‘Gate Cash on.

For a simple yet classic Valentine, one need not look further than the traditional chocolate and flowers. Both are on sale in the O’Connor Campus Center (the Coop) this week. Delta Delta Delta is selling carnations that the sisters will distribute today. Students can send a red carnation to a loved one, pink to a crush and yellow to a friend. For something sweeter, there’s Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Kappa Kisses. For $2.00, students can send a bag of Hershey’s Kisses to anyone on campus. The proceeds benefit KKG’s Birthday Klub charity, which will throw a birthday party later this semester for 35 local foster children. The Class of 2010 council is also selling candygrams in Curtiss E. Frank Dining Hall to benefit a local charity.

Looking for a creative way to let your Modernity study buddy know you want to be more than just classmates? For $1.00, you can send your crush a bottle of Crush orange soda. If your secret crush wants to know who sent him or her the soft drink, they must match your initial $1.00. But if you want to make your crush really work for it, you can donate more and require your crush to match the funds to see who sent them the bottle. All proceeds benefit the Center for Outreach and Volunteer Education’s Alternative Spring Break trip to the Dominican Republic, where Colgate students will build a sustainable community garden. Crush sales will continue until Monday.

Music lovers will swoon for Swinging Valentines, sold at the Coop by the all-female a capella group the Swinging Gates. For $5.00, you pick the song, soloist, time and location, and the Gates will track down your Valentine to serenade them on the spot.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you may be a little late in the Valentine game. But there are still a couple more opportunities to show you’re really not careless or forgetful. The Colgate 13 will perform their annual Valentine’s Day Concert on Thursday night in the Coop. The Student Musical Theater Company is hosting a Valentine’s Cabaret as well at the Palace Theater on Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. Take a date or friend and enjoy Colgate’s musical talent performing classic love songs from musicals. Finally, for the romantically inclined first-years, the Class of 2011 is hosting a Valentine’s Semi-Formal in the Palace Theater at 9:30 p.m. this Friday.