Colgate A Cappella Impresses at Family Weekend Performance


A Capella Concert

The Colgate Memorial Chapel was packed as five of Colgate’s best A Cappella groups took the stage on Friday, September 20. Although each individual member of the group seemed to be swaying to their own beat, the sweet sound emanating from their semicircles could only be described as the union of many unique voices and their passion for singing.

Opening with a popular Shawn Mendes song “Stitches”, the Colgate Mantiphondrakes kicked off the show with upbeat tunes that showed the joy they get from performing together.

Following the Mantiphondrakes, The Dischords held the attention of the audience with a smooth rendition of “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae. Effortlessly woven together, the voices of these singers worked together to produce beautiful harmonies.

Then, the Colgate Resolutions brought a new momentum to the stage. The crowd absolutely loved their version of Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness,” which demonstrated the true range and talent of all its members’ voices.

With the sophistication and poise of true performers, the Swinging Gates’ awed the crowd with both Fleetwood Mac’s ” Landslide” and Rihanna’s “Take a Bow.” As the only fully female group, this team of talented singers communicated a sense of strength and vulnerability that truly connected with the audience.

The last performers of the night were the Colgate Thirteen, the only all male A Capella group. Taking the stage in matching blazers, they emobdied the image most people conjure when they hear the words “A Capella group”. True to this image was their outstanding performance. Surprising the audience by serenading people in the front row, their set took the audience by surprise.

It was clear that the audience was thoroughly entertained by all of the performances from the abundant cheers and rampant applause. With seamless transitions and cohesive sets, it is clear that these groups spent numerous hours perfecting their songs. Freshman Paul Criscione, a member of Colgate Thirteen, shared that, “for the show, we practiced a few times a week for a couple of hours by doing warm-up vocal routines and running through repertoire.” The hard work put in by Thirteen and all of the groups was evident, and created a show that had the audience engaged throughout every piece.

As a whole, Colgate’s A Cappella groups cover a wide range of musical styles, and explore how to convey meaning through music. Albiet a challenging task, all of the groups who performed did an excellent job. But more than the song choices and musical composition, each group displayed a sense of unity, coming together to share with us their love for music.