DKE Alumni Renovate Historic Temple


DKE Chapel Renovations

The Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) Temple located on 110 Broad Street is one of the only DKE fraternity temples remaining in the country, and it has undergone renovations this year due to Colgate alumni influence. The Mu chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon was the oldest fraternity at Colgate, founded in 1856, prior to its banishment from the university in 2005 when the chapter refused to sell its house to the school.

New additions to the temple’s property include an archway positioned near the sidewalk on Broad Street. The archway has the words “Bicentennial Arch” at the top of the structure and leads to the DKE temple that is located behind it.

Students have expressed confusion about the temple’s presence on Broad Street given that DKE is no longer recognized by the university. 

Sophomore Julia Sunshine calls the building “an eyesore” and expresses confusion about its existence.

“I’m extremely confused by it. Why is it still there? What are they doing to it?” Sunshine said. 

Sophomore Noah Cope is curious about the temple’s presence, but ultimately does not view it as a pressing issue.   

“I truly just have no knowledge of what purpose the temple serves at Colgate in 2019. It’s an interesting dynamic given that our university no longer acknowledges the former fraternity but, because of legal matters, Delta Epsilon alumni are able to expand on that property. There is definitely not much information in the community about this, but I also do not view it as a big deal; it’s not affecting my life at Colgate in any way,” Cope said. 

The renovations for the temple were approved by the Mu of DKE Board of Alumni in 2015. The temple is currently owned by Colgate alumni who are committed to preserving the history of Delta Kappa Epsilon as the Chapel is one of the chapter’s remaining landmarks. 

Sean Devlin is a Delta Kappa Epsilon alumnus that is active in the temple’s renovations. 

“We continue to execute on Mu of DKE’s strategic plan approved by our board in 2015. The work on the Temple Library is a result of our commitment to preserving Mu of DKE’s history with a permanent and prominent presence on Broad Street” Devlin said. 

Devin has taken initiative to get involved in President Brian Casey’s Third Century Plan. 

“We are an alumni organization that intends to be active and engaged in support of Colgate’s Third Century Plan and beyond. The Mu of DKE Foundation and DKE alumni have long histories of philanthropic support of Colgate and the Village of Hamilton,” Devlin said.  

The Third Century Plan is Colgate’s mission to attain long-term academic, financial and reputational goals in the university’s future. The philanthropic DKE foundation plans to stay involved in achieving these goals. 

“We have awarded $55,000 to Colgate students over the past three years and we hope students will continue to apply for our scholarships,” Devlin said.