New Booking System for Librarian Appointments in Case Library


New Library System

Colgate’s recently launched a new booking system for students to connect with the university’s librarians at the Case-Geyer Library. The system, known as Appointlet, is a pilot program that was implemented for the first time on Sunday, September 8. Appointlet can be accessed online as well as from the new monitor located on the third floor of Case-Geyer, at the Research Services Desk. 

Appointlet allows students to make an appointment with a librarian from anywhere on campus without requiring an email or phone call. In order to access this new feature, students can go online to and choose a time-slot at their convenience. The librarians are available for individualized meetings Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., and for a few hours on Sundays. 

In making this switch to online booking, the research librarians hope students will feel more inclined to meet with research professionals, either for quick questions or hour-long appointments. 

Anastasia Wells, a Reference and Cataloging Librarian, said that University Librarians are constantly looking for ways to connect with students. She hopes students will be more inclined to reach out to librarians for help now that they can make an appointment from the comfort of their own beds.

“[We] always looking for ways to tell students we’re here, we’re here and we’ll help!” Wells said. “Every single library space is safe for all students.”

Sophomore Brooke Smith said while she feels optimistic about the new ease at which students can book appointments with librarians, there are more important issues requiring upgrades in the library. 

“I think the new system for booking appointments with librarians is extremely helpful,” Smith said. “Although, many students have had more pressing issues with printing.”

Wells is hopeful that with the increased accessibility to Librarians, students will begin to understand that each librarian has a specific skill set from which students can learn and benefit.

Wells said that the librarians are still hard at work, tweaking and perfecting the system. According to her, the booking feature is ultimately about enhancing students’ research experience while at Colgate.