Renovated Hieber Cafe Opens For New School Year

Raymond Hua, Maroon-News Staff

The Hieber Cafe, located in the Case-Geyer Library, has been given a new sleek look. More than a simple remodel, it is no longer the Hieber Cafe. Rather, it is “Chobani at Hieber Cafe”, with the Chobani logo presented boldly inside the cafe. The remodel is the result of a partnership between Colgate University and the yogurt company. The only other Chobani cafe is in SoHo, New York City. 

Bruce, a manager of the cafe and a former chef at Frank Dining Hall, said, “They have taken that concept [Chobani Cafe] with their research team and event staff and put it here on the very first college campus. We are like the franchise operator, if you will.”

Chartwells staff are still employed at the cafe, and are currently undergoing a training process.

Besides the rebranding, the kitchen has been completely remodeled. For example, the capabilities of the cafe are greatly expanded and new appliances have been installed. 

“[Hieber Cafe] was very restricted, limited, more grab-n-go, it was half the size,” Bruce said.

In addition, the cafe has a new aesthetic, for the dining space is more spacious with updated furniture. The menu has also changed, as the updated version has greater variety and all the food is made on-site.