New Açaí Bowl Restaurant Opens in Downtown Hamilton


Soul Bowl Opens Downtown

Frustrated by the lack of healthy, allergy-free restaurants in the area, resident Jenna Stanton set off to create a transparent, wholesome alternative to Central New York’s monotonous food selection. Herself suffering from a dairy allergy, Stanton aims to bring both variety and comfort to consumers with the opening of new açaí bowl restaurant, Soul Bowl, in Hamilton.

“With my dairy allergy, I would go out to different restaurants, and I often would have limited options, or people wouldn’t be educated about my allergy at all. I would have allergic reactions, and it would ruin me for days, so I wanted to make a safe place for people with allergies like myself,” Stanton said. “There are açaí bowls down South, out West, so why not here too?”

Finding success with her first  opening in Clinton, New York last  November, Jenna Stanton expanded to an additional location. Taking over the space at 12 Lebanon Street, next to Oliveri’s, Stanton created a lively, beach-themed spot for students and citizens of the greater Madison County area.

Every Soul Bowl on her menu is vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free. Less interested in meeting low calorie or low-fat diets, Stanton hopes to bring students wholesome, fresh food to power their bodies pre and post-workout. The menu offers 20 variations of its classic açaí bowl, including a coconut bowl, pitaya bowl, banana bowl, and a green bowl. Soul Bowl also offers eight

separate smoothie combinations with creative, themed names such as the “Blue Lagoon” and “Cherry Breeze.” Prices range between $9 and $11.50, with a size selection of either 12 or 16 ounces. Students can opt to add toppings,

including fruit, granola, and honey, for an additional $.50 to $1.50.

“We’re all about transparent menu items and ingredients. Whatever you’re reading on our menu is what you’re getting. If we say there’s kale, pineapple, banana, and coconut milk in our green bowls, that’s what you’re getting. You’re not getting any added sugars or any allergens that are not listed,” Stanton said.

Aside from the healthy bowl options, Stanton plans to roll out a new juice menu in September of 2019 for students and surrounding community to enjoy.

Soul Bowl’s official opening day is Aug. 31, though the store unofficially opened two weeks prior. Stanton hopes to gain traction with a grand reveal featuring 97.9 Kiss FM, who will broadcast the event live in Hamilton. Students are encouraged to stop by Soul Bowl that afternoon for free prizes and activities.

“It’s different from anything around here. It’s very tropical, light-hearted and fun. We have window seating, a tiki bar, and free wifi, so I’m hoping people can come in, whether it’s for a lunch break or a study session with others,” Stanton said. “It’s an enjoyable and relaxing place to come to.”