Predicting the Match-up for Super Bowl LIV

Ignacio Villar, Assistant Sports Editor

The AFC is exciting. For the first time in a long time, the Cleveland Browns are not laughing stocks. Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes is the future of the league and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback ever, is still playing. Meanwhile, the NFC is run by a mix of young squads and proven veterans. The Bears have perhaps the best pass rusher and overall defender in Khalil Mack, the Rams still have the counterargument to Mack as best NFL defender in Aaron Donald, the Eagles have one of the most well-rounded squads and the Saints possess perhaps the best quarterback-receiver duo in Drew Brees and Michael Thomas.

The Browns count on the possibility that 1) quarterback Baker Mayfield takes that next step and 2) defensive end Myles Garrett reaches his “generational talent” hype. Even if this happens, though, the Browns still would not be a favorite to represent the AFC. For as long as Tom Brady has the ability to throw a football, Julian Edelman to catch said football and Bill Belichick to call plays, the Patriots will be Super Bowl favorites.

The Saints were infamously one (horribly called) play away from Super Bowl LIII and the league has since sought absolution through a rewrite of the pass interference rule. The Saints had the talent for last year’s Super Bowl and this year’s squad is expecting improvement from its numerous young stars. Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas and Cameron Jordan are all certified studs. The Saints have a core built for championships.