Through the Looking Glass: Senior Editors’ Last Words

Juliana Garofalo

I never knew how fast four years could go by. As I write my last article for the Maroon-News I am faced with the daunting task of rehashing and condensing four years of memories. Well, would take me another four years so instead I will leave you with a few final thoughts that I am leaving Colgate with.

While the “work hard play hard” mentality is great, do not forget that you are a student. My professors have pushed me to levels of academia that I never knew I could reach. It might sound trite, but, nonetheless, take advantage of these opportunities. Learn how to lose yourself in your reading. Become fluent in a foreign language. Take a class about something that you think you aren’t interested in, and then decide if you really aren’t interested in it. Go to lectures and speakers. Talk to your professors during office hours. Study with your friends and classmates; they can be teachers too.

That being said, Colgate is also about much more than just classes and homework. Support the athletic teams and go to games, especially the tailgates. Go to a student play. Check out the Saturday morning farmer’s market on the Village Green. Visit Big Norm, often. Hang out at Lake Morraine when the weather is warm. Sled down any snowy hill you can find on a tray from Frank. Find a place to have a campfire with friends and where the same clothes the next day so that the lingering smell remains with you. Walk down Willow Path on a clear late-September night; just before you reach the trees, stop and look straight up. Trust me.

The most important thing that I am leaving Colgate with is a much better understanding of the person I am growing up to be. This year has changed my life, and I am embarking on a new chapter as a much different person than I was in August 2003 or January 2005. We are all given the opportunity to look into ourselves and to challenge ourselves to our breaking points; however, it is what you do with this opportunity that can be the difference.

It is never too late to meet new people and make more friends. Even in this final year I got to know some truly amazing people. One of these friends, although he may not know it, not only taught me some valuable life lessons but he also taught me more about myself, both the good and the bad, than anyone has before.

I urge you all to find someone like this in your life. Someone who makes you wake up each morning striving to be the best possible version of yourself. Someone who makes you think; makes you smile and makes you constantly desire adventure. Even if that person slips out of your life and becomes yet another face in the crowd, it is okay. Sometimes losing someone you care about is just as valuable.

At the end of the day, or at the end of four years, it is the relationships that you form with members of the Colgate community that can have the greatest influence on your time here and potentially on your life. Whether these are friends, professors, teammates, coworkers or classmates make every conversation count. You will be surprised by how much you miss out on if you don’t.

With my last Spring Party Weekend starting today I leave you all one final word of advice. Have fun everyday. Whether it is SPW or the first day of finals week, don’t let anything bring you down. Finish your work in advance so that you are prepared for whatever unexpected fun comes your way.

This is the last time that we can be kids. Last week I jumped in a puddle for the first time in many years, and it was just as fun this time as it was when I was five except this time my galoshes were striped instead of green with a frog face on the toe section.

I cannot honestly call this a senior reflection without one last cliche. Live to the limit and love every minute of it.

To my girls, Eliza, Helen, Julia, Jane and Yvonne – We got through the worst of times and we had the best of times. I love you all and look forward to many, many more years together.

Za – Since day one and forever after.

Alicia – Loves you friend.

To all my friends – Thank you for all of the wonderful memories. It has certainly been a trip that I wish would never end.

Mike – You are an amazing friend, a great person, and you will always be a rockstar to me.

To the ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma – Thank you for taking a chance on me as a junior and for all the fun times.

Danielle – Mom, I cannot thank you enough for your support and friendship. Forever Kappa.

To the Maroon-News staff – I have enjoyed the countless hours we have spent together slaving away in the office. You are a great group of people who I will miss.

Kimmy, Laura and Cat – Keep the photo room gossip sessions and the laughter going.

To my family – Thank you for your always providing me with love and support. Oh, and thanks for letting me move back home this summer so I don’t have to worry about rent just yet.

Bear – You truly are a girl’s best friend. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face every single day no matter what.