Visions and Voices Issue #2

Visions & Voices: Experimental Expressions of the Colgate Community is a new and exciting opportunity for Colgate students to publish their prose before the entire community. Published monthly, Visions & Voices is an online literary journal that is associated with the Maroon-News and showcases Colgate writers’ fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. An editorial staff, comprised of students, edits and selects which pieces are published.

In this issue, we are fortunate to feature not only the work of current Colgate students, but of alumni as well: Matt Hotham’s poetry is the start of the Alumni Column, where Colgate graduates will publish their fiction, non-fiction and poetry alongside the work of undergraduates. Matt is an ’03 grad, now completing an MFA at Syracuse University while interning at BOA Press.

Editor-in-Chief: Paige Holtzman

Editorial Staff: Sara Dyer, Alyssa Martino, Nicole Beletsky, Kanitha Heng, Geoff Ng, Adam Berkey, Chris Neefus, Cortney Ahern, Kiki Koroshetz, and Tim Allen.

If you would like to submit, join the editorial staff, or have questions, please email Paige Holtzman (’10) at [email protected]

To read the first issue of Voices and Visions, check out the archived November 30, 2006 issue of the Maroon-News.