Women Overboard: Women’s Tennis Loses to Navy


Raiders Fall in League Quarterfinals to End Season

Liv Fitzgerald, Maroon-News Staff

Colgate Women’s Tennis played their final match of the 2019 season this past Friday, April 26. Their season ended with a tough loss against their extremely talented Patriot League opponent, Navy, who is the number two seed in the league with twenty-three wins. The Raiders played with a lot of grit, but sadly left central Pennsylvania with a 0-4 loss against the Midshipmen.

Sophomore Mackenzie Deeter and junior Jordan Williams fought hard in their doubles match together, but came up just shy of a win with a final score of 4-3. Junior Lauren O’Brien and Freshman Madi Kiani battled it out, but lost 6-2. Sophomore Callie Bartimer and first-year Ricki Lane played hard, but lost 6-1.

Colgate dropped the doubles point by 6-2 and a 6-1 loss, which allowed a little hope for a comeback to happen when singles rolled around.

Sophomore Mackenzie Deeter, number one singles player, dropped her first set. She played her heart out, but was trailing one point behind her opponent 3-2 in the second set and and lost.

Junior Jordan Williams, number two singles player, fought ferociously to put up a fight against her very strong opponent. She stayed on the court for an impressive amount of time giving it everything she had ending the first set with a respectable 7-5 score. Unfortunately she lost her opening game in the second set.

Junior Lauren O’Brien, third singles player, lost with a score of 5-2 at the time of the clinch while Sophomore Callie Bartimer, fifth singles player, and first-year Madi Kiani, fourth singles player, both lost their matches 6-0 and 6-0.

First-year Nicole Condas, sixth single player, hustled to win four of her games, but her opponent clinched the win in the second set.

It was a tough day for the Raiders to end their season on, but the Midshipmen have a very talented pool of players. Bobby Tennington, the Colgate Coach, said that Navy is in the top three teams in the Patriot League. The one to six singles players that Navy’s team consists of are all very strong individually, which

is one of the many reasons that Navy has been so successful this season. On that note, Colgate put up a good fight against their very strong opponent. Jordan Williams was recognized by Coach Tennington as having the strongest performance by the Raiders. She came within one game of winning the first set against an extremely high caliber player.

The Raiders end their 2019 season with a record of 5-15. They hope to have a winning record next year and make it to the top four seed. All this year’s players are returning for the 2020 season with four solid incoming freshmen. Colgate Women’s tennis is pumped for what their future season has in store for them.

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