Ultimate Warriors

Cody Tipton

Last weekend, members of Colgate’s ultimate Frisbee team, the Jabberwock, traveled south to participate in SUNY Binghamton’s annual tournament. Seeded fourth out of twenty teams, the Jabberwock were placed in a pool with Toronto University, the Rochester Institute of Technology, SUNY Stony Brook, and Cornell B.

The Jabberwock started slowly, allowing RIT to take a 6-2 lead. Colgate put up three goals in a row to close the gap, but RIT kept a 7-5 lead at halftime. After tying the game at 9-9 and setting up a dramatic final point, a poor throw by RIT was intercepted near Colgate’s goal, giving Jabberwock a chance for the win. Senior co-captains Walt Frick and Cody Tipton connected on a cross-field hammer (an upside-down throw) for the game-winner.

In the second game, Cornell B matched Colgate’s first two goals but couldn’t muster much more. Scoring eleven of the next twelve goals, Colgate took the game, 13-3.

SUNY-Stony Brook gave the Jabberwock a much closer game in the third round. The teams were within two goals of each other for much of the game until first-year Dave Eng blocked a Stony Brook pass in their own endzone and dove to catch his own deflection for a goal. With momentum now on their side, Colgate managed to build their lead into a 13-9 victory.

Against Toronto University’s Torontula, the Jabberwock took a quick 4-2 lead thanks to two goals and an assist by sophomore Chris Tonry. After that, though, Toronto showed why they are favored to win the Canadian national tournament this year. Scoring ten straight points, Torontula smothered the Jabberwock and took the win, 13-5.

Unfortunately, because of weather conditions, the second day of the tournament was cancelled. As a result, the Jabberwock now have nearly a month before their next tourney, RIT’s annual Danse Macabre.