Fashion Column: Spring Style Revival

With spring on the horizon, Colgate has recently been the recipient of various spring weather teases, only to be brought back to the typical 30 to 40 degree Upstate New York climate. With the slowly rising temperatures, it’s time to start transitioning out our usual winter garb such as coats, scarfs and turtleneck and start making use of light jackets and brighter colors. Spring is the revitalization of fashion on the east coast. Say goodbye to the dark cool-toned colors, fuzzy sweaters, sock block heel boots and heat-retaining puffer jackets of last season. Instead, welcome spring with a new arrangement of styles that are affordable or styled from items already in your wardrobe. Here is a quick breakdown of the top trends to look out for in Spring 2019.

Utility Wear

While this style is not in any way new, it has definitely been revived and modernized for 2019. Utilitarian style is defined by comfortable, functional pieces that also serve an aesthetic purpose. For example, clothes that are considered to be made for solely practical purposes like cargo pants, jumpsuits, utility vests, oversized collared shirts, military-style light jackets and chunky boots. The aesthetic of utilitarian wear relies on minimalism and effortless combinations of simple pieces. Earthy tones such as beige, brown, green and gray are common as well. The addition of different fabrics, structures and textures such as mesh or leather further add to the utility wear look.

Straw Bags

Raffia straw handbags have been making an appearance on the runway for this season. The use of fringe with these types of handbags adds a lightweight, carefree appearance to any outfit. Straw bags are fun because of the interesting shapes and textures that can be combined. Round and basket-shaped raffia bags have been becoming particularly popular this season.


The tie-dye print is back in style! Designers and brands like Stell McCartney, Proenza Schouler and Prada have managed to elevate the seemingly washed-out print back into mainstream popularity. Once associated with hippie counterculture from the 60s, the kaleidoscope print’s vibrancy is being utilized to make clothing pieces pop. The beauty of tie-dye is in the print’s unexpected, contingent nature. It is an unpredictable print that can be used on a wide range of items and can have thousands of different variations when being made. Style tip: when wearing tie-dye, stick to just one garment. Because it is such a loud print, it needs to be balanced out by more neutral pieces.

90s Sunglasses

Sunglasses with narrow lenses, a popular style from the 90s, have been making a comeback in the mainstream. This style of sunglasses was commonly worn by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts at the bridge of the nose. While sunglasses do not necessarily serve a functional purpose, as they are too small to properly protect your eyes from the sun, they look killer on anyone who decides to try the look. Tiny sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, tints and materials. One of the most popular variations of this style is the tiny black oval or circular frames. Try the hexagon-shaped sunglasses for a fashion forward edgy look.

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