Colgate’s Advice Expert Examines Scandal and Sexuality

Dear Rosie

Dear Rosie, I am so confused. Recently the Duke lacrosse team got into some serious trouble and ruined their reputation. It was all over the news. I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone about it and made some sort of comment about his high school lacrosse team and how lucky they were no one ended up playing for Duke. All of a sudden he flipped out and got mad at me, calling me a bad girlfriend. I don’t get it, what did I do?Sincerely,Puzzled in Parke

Dear Puzzled in Parke, I heard about the Duke scandal as well. It seems silly that your boyfriend got mad at you about it, but he was probably sensitive about the subject. That kind of story has the ability to shed a negative light on all college sports across the nation. He, and most athletes don’t want to be associated with the situation. When you brought up the possibility that his friends would have been involved if they played lax at Duke, he got defensive. I’m sure he did not mean to call you a bad girlfriend. The whole thing will blow over soon and he will apologize, don’t worry.

Dear Rosie,I really like this guy I live near, but he doesn’t know I’m gay. We always wrestle, joke around, and hug each other. What should I do because I think he might like me too.

Sincerely,Hooked in the Hop

Dear Hooked in the Hop, Do a little research. You need to discreetly find out if your friend is gay or not. Does he hook up with girls? Has he had strings of girlfriends? Is he constantly flirting with girls when he goes out at night? Or does he stick with the boys? You should keep in mind that lots of guys wrestle and joke around with each other. I’ve even seen some of my friends hug from time to time. You need to put some work into something like this. If you make the slightest move too soon, your friend will freak out. Just be careful. Eventually you will be able to figure out if it is okay to act. When you are confident in your decision, go for it!