BCAC Raises Funds, Awareness at Banquet

Meg Savin

Colgate will proudly donate $1,500 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation after its third annual Breast Cancer Awareness Coalition banquet on Saturday. All 200 tickets were sold out prior to the banquet, having gone on last Wednesday. According to BCAC co-president senior Elisha Seaton, the Swinging ‘Gates, Ballet Club, Blue Parsley Boys and Danger Boy, a professor’s rock band, performed throughout the evening. Aside from a catered meal by Marriot, banquet attendees also viewed a video interviewing students on campus who have been affected by breast cancer. “The audience got pretty teary-eyed as they watched,” Seaton said. BCAC also ran a raffle throughout the evening, with donations from local businesses, restaurants and even student-made jewelry. “W e even gave away Yankee tickets,” Seaton said. Representing the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Tess Kinney traveled from Syracuse to address those gathered in the Hall of Presidents. The Foundation works domestically and internationally to fund grants for cancer research and to support education, screening and treatment. The Foundation also uses donated funds for community outreach programs and efforts to raise awareness. First-year Sara Radin organized the bulk of the planning for the Banquet. According to Seaton, smaller committees worked on decorations, publishing and entertainment. The co-presidents, senior Joanna Allegretti and Seaton, also helped Radin with questions. “As a first-year, Sara took on a major undertaking in agreeing to oversee all of the planning committees for the banquet,” Seaton said. Everyone involved in organizing the event was pleased with the outcome. “It went really well,” Radin said. “The Hall was packed, and this was the first time that we sold out. It seemed like everyone had a great time.” Allegretti was equally pleased with the turn-out and success of the event. “I was really happy with how everything turned out,” she said. “We raised the number of tickets from 160 last year to 200 this year, so that was really great as well. We really just wanted to sell out. We didn’t have a specific money goal in mind.” Even though this is the BCAC’s major annual event, there will be more events planned throughout the rest of the semester to raise funds for breast cancer research. “We had a 5k Run/Walk in the fall,” Allegretti said, “and we’ll hopefully do it again as soon as the weather gets nicer. We’ll continue doing bake sales and also would really like to do a golf tournament later in the year. We think it would be a lot of fun.”