In The Light: Kaitlin LaCasse

Kristin Koch

The Student Government Association (SGA) sends out hundreds of e-mails announcing meetings, activities, fundraisers and protests taking place on campus. Ever wonder who takes the initiative to organize these events, acting as a liaison between the administration, the SGA, and the 100-plus SGA-recognized groups? It’s none other than senior Katilin LaCasse, who serves on the SGA Executive Board. As liaison, Kaitlin runs monthly Presidents’ Meetings for group leaders, helping them become recognized by the SGA. Kaitlin also serves on the Portal Sub-Committee, which she describes as a group of faculty and administration and two students, who are working on the new web portal, which she hopes will be implemented next semester. Right now Kaitlin is focused on the Tsunami Relief effort project. Kaitlin encourages all Colgate students to get involved with the effort: “As you know, millions of people were affected by the Tsunami, and the best way we can help is by donating money to credible organizations such as the Red Cross, UNICEF or Save the Children.” Kaitlin is in the process of organizing various ways to raise money for disaster relief. Fundraisers will include penny wars and benefit concerts, culminating in a large Benefit Banquet slated for early March.”These are really exciting events,” Kaitlin remarks, “and there are a ton of students already working hard on this effort, but many more volunteers are necessary to make this effort the best it can be.”Organizing events to get students involved with important issues is nothing new to Kaitlin. During her sophomore year she organized a rally with her friends to protest the war in Iraq. In fact, she considers the rally as one of her greatest contributions to Colgate, noting that “even though we still went to war, over 300 people came to the Chapel for a day of speakers, workshops and music.The most important thing was not just getting our message out, but that we instigated conversation around campus.” Kaitlin plans to put her ability to motivate students to good use next year, when she will work for Teach for America in the Rio Grande Valley, in southern Texas.But before she moves on, Kaitlin plans to enjoy her last semester at Colgate. “I have made amazing friends with my classmates and my professors,” she says, “and that is all I could ask for in a college education.After all, education is also a function of experience, not just reading a book.” She insists, “Most importantly, get involved!

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