Shaw Wellness Institute Hosts Knit Night


Sarah Speegle, Maroon-News Staff

It is no surprise that knitting is considered the new yoga. With numerous health benefits, knitting improves an individual’s physical state and acts as a mindful exercise that promotes inner peace. On Thursday, March 21, Colgate encouraged members of the community to pick up this fun and relaxing hobby by hosting Knit Night. Sponsored by the Shaw Wellness Institute, the Colgate Crafters Club and the Office of Sustainability, Knit Night welcomed beginners to learn how to knit and encouraged experienced crafters to come and work on their own projects.

A beautiful assortment of colorful yarn and knitting needles were displayed as students arrived at Knit Night. In line with Colgate’s sustainability initiatives, all of the yarn provided was made out of recycled materials. Attendees chose a ball of yarn and decided whether they wanted to make a hat or a scarf. Then, experienced members of Colgate’s Crafters Club provided beginners with personal assistance. By clearly demonstrating how to make a proper stitch, the leaders of the Crafters Club ensured that everyone understood the basics of knitting.

As people developed a rhythm and settled into their projects, the leaders of the Crafters Club described five major health benefits of knitting. For starters, knitting reduces an individual’s blood pressure and heart rate by provoking relaxation, subsequently helping prevent stress-related illnesses. Second, knitting induces the movement of people’s eyes from side to side which helps improve memory and healing from trauma. Third, knitting regulates intense emotion and irrational thoughts by causing people to become completely engaged in an activity. Fourth, the repetitive movements associated with knitting releases serotonin which improves people’s mood and behavior. Lastly, when knitting is done individually, it promotes self-reflection and inner peace. On the other hand, when knitting is done as a social activity it promotes sincere connection.

This last benefit became self-evident as a community clearly began to form among the people at Knit Night. As participants began knitting, people exchanged stories and began to connect with their peers. Relationships also developed between the experienced knitters and the beginners as they shared helpful tips and tricks. This sense of camaraderie continued to flourish throughout the night and perfectly showcased Colgate’s warm and inclusive community.

As Knit Night came to a close, people were encouraged to take supplies with them to continue knitting in the future. Leaving with smiles on their faces, the participants of Knit Night clearly enjoyed learning a new skill and spending time with new people.

“Knit Night was great. I thought learning how to knit was difficult at first, but after getting the hang of it, it was really fun. I will now knit during my free time if I have the chance,” first-year Tori Gobo said.

This event spread the love of knitting to the Colgate community and provided an opportunity for students and faculty to gain a relaxing hobby.

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