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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

13 Beats: April Showers


Hamilton, N.Y., has been graced with a lot of “April showers” in the past two weeks, leaving shoes soaked and rain jackets at the ready. While you may be yearning for sun and more typical spring weather, it can be fun to embrace the rainy day energy. This week’s 13 Beats features songs to emulate the cozy vibes of a rainy day.

1. “The Gold – Phoebe Bridgers Version” – Manchester Orchestra, Phoebe Bridgers (2018)

The piano in the opening of this version of “The Gold” always reminds me of raindrops falling. Phoebe Bridgers’ signature voice makes the lyrics sound beautifully haunting.

2. “My Kind of Woman” – Mac DeMarco (2012)

“Please, baby, show me your world,” sings Mac DeMarco in this warm, alternative track. DeMarco wants his lover to let him into her world and stay right next to him wherever he goes.

3. “All I Need To Hear” – The 1975 (2022)

Matty Healy sings about the simplicity of telling someone you love them in this calm, stripped down track. Lyrics like “So tell me you love me / ’Cause that’s all that I need to hear” emphasize how Healy only needs to hear that his lover loves him to feel secure.

4. “Alewife” – Clairo (2019)

“Alewife” is an emotional tribute to a friend that helped Clairo through a hard time in her life. “It’s been so long / And you’ve been my sister all along,” sings Clairo about how close she and her friend have stayed.

5. “Beach Baby” – Bon Iver (2009)

“I’d like to not hear keys,” sings Justin Vernon about not wanting to accept that his lover is cheating on him. The slow guitar and minimal production of the track emulate the emotion and vulnerability of the lyrics.

6. “Cinnamon Girl” – Lana Del Rey (2019)

The signature dreaminess of “Cinnamon Girl” is perfect to accompany the melancholy that comes with a rainy day. “You try to push me out / But I just find my way back in,” sings Lana Del Rey about wanting the person she loves to love her back.

7. “2000 Miles” – Coldplay (2003)

Chris Martin sings about missing his ex lover, who is now far away from him. Lyrics like “Gets colder day by day, I miss her,” encapsulate the lonely feelings that cold weather can bring.

8. “champagne problems” – Taylor Swift (2020)

“I never was ready, so I watch you go,” croons Taylor Swift in this track about two college sweethearts wanting different things. This ballad is perfect to soak in any emotional feelings that are associated with a rainy day.

9. “All the Pretty Girls” – KALEO (2016)

“All the Pretty Girls” details someone jealous of all of the romantic attention that their friend gets. The bridge repeats “I have waited” to underscore the singer’s frustration with having waited so long to find love.

10. “The A Team” – Ed Sheeran (2011)

The calm guitar and vocals in this song are soothing during inclement weather. “Ripped gloves, raincoat / Tried to swim and stay afloat,” croons Ed Sheeran in this emotional folk ballad.

11. “Cool About It” – boygenius (2023)

“I’m tryin’ to be cool about it / Feelin’ like an absolute fool about it,” sings Julien Baker about a love interest not being as interested in a relationship as she is. The band puts a simple, indie folk sound on the track.

12. “Everything Has Its Place” – Young Mister (2016)

“Everything Has Its Place” has a slow yet rhythmic melody to accompany the slow flow of a rainy day. Young Mister sings “We were built for the same purpose somehow” as an ode to how his lover feels like his soulmate.

13. “I Guess” – Lizzy McAlpine (2024)

Lizzy McAlpine’s new track covers the difficult parts of love. Lyrics like “I guess it’s all about timing” describe McAlpine’s difficult feelings regarding whether things are going okay within a relationship.

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