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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

13 Beats: Sunny Days

13 Beats: Sunny Days

The solar eclipse made waves across the country on Monday, April 8, as many states — including parts of New York — fell in the path of totality. Hopefully, the bright rays didn’t hurt your eyes and you got to witness the beauty of this natural phenomenon. If you’re still reeling from the eclipse and are ready for more sun, you’re in luck. This week’s 13 Beats features warm songs to accompany a sunny day.

1. “Fade” – The Driver Era (2021)

This track acknowledges the brevity of life, focusing on the importance of enjoying the moment. Lyrics like “Find a good reason to wake up” motivate and inspire you to enjoy the warm, bright day ahead. 

2. “Buttercup” – Hippo Campus (2017)

Hippo Campus give each of their songs a beachy rock vibe which are perfect for listening to with sunglasses on and car windows down. “She’ll be fine on her own,” repeats the chorus, emphasizing the song’s message of wanting independence after a breakup.

3. “Rich Girl” – Daryl Hall & John Oates (1976)

“Rich Girl” is a classic yacht rock track with smooth, upbeat production. “You can rely on the old man’s money,” Daryl Hall sings about his love interest’s wealth. 

4. “Vagabond” – Caamp (2016)

“See the curve in that river’s bend / I look at you and I see my friend,” Caamp sings in this bright folk track about being a free spirit. The upbeat guitar drives the song forward and infuses it with energy.

5. “Gaslighter” – The Chicks (2020)

The Chicks put their classic, upbeat country-pop sound on this track about a manipulating man. Lyrics like “You’re sorry, but where’s my apology?” emphasize the lack of closure that the man is providing.

6. “Sundress” – A$AP Rocky

The fun synth productions and echoey vocals make this track great background music for when the sun comes out. “Just read the signs, it’s clear to see,” sings A$AP Rocky about wanting the girl he’s interested in to pick up on his signals.

7. “Closer to Fine” – Indigo Girls (1989)

“Closer to Fine” addresses that not all questions have answers in a catchy tune. The singers’ bright yet raspy voices blend together to form a sweet melody that’s perfect to listen to while basking in the sun.

8. “Sink” – Noah Kahan (2019)

“Oh, she’s the sunset in the west / Oh, she’s sleep when I need rest,” sings Noah Kahan about his lover’s beauty and how well she complements him. Kahan uses summer and nature-filled imagery to bring this song to life.

9. “Mourning” – Post Malone (2023)

Post Malone sings about the difficulty of quitting bad habits with a contrastingly bright sound. Lyrics like “When money ain’t a problem, everyone’s lying” show how one can still make bad decisions when they have a lot of money.

10. “waves – Tame Impala Remix” – Miguel, Tame Impala (2016)

This track always reminds me of laying out in the sun and not feeling stressed. Tame Impala puts his signature groovy and funky production on the track to amplify Miguel’s emphatic vocals.

11. “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” – The 1975 (2018)

Matty Healy sings about encapsulating love in this electric rock track with a strong drum beat. The chorus repeats “And all I do is sit and think about you,” illustrating Healy’s infatuation with his lover.

12. “Underneath My Skin” – The Band Camino (2021)

“I don’t know how you always find a way to get stuck in my head,” sings Jeffery Jordan, admitting how much he thinks about his lover. The Band Camino put their signature guitar riffs and drums into this upbeat track.

13. “Cold Cold Man” – Saint Motel (2014)

“Cold Cold Man” opens with bright piano plucking and keeps the happy vibes throughout the rest of the track. Lyrics like “You’re the only one worth seeing, the only place worth being” emphasize how much one person can mean to somebody.

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