It’s All About the Ads: Superbowl LIII

Julia Klein, Executive Editor

Super Bowl LIII took place on Sunday, February 3 and, frankly, it was a bit of a snoozer. The game got off to a slow start, and hardly sped up by the fourth quarter. The halftime show featured pop group Maroon 5, Adam Levine’s patterned tank top (that has made headlines for looking like furniture) and a cameo from Spongebob. Yes, the Patriots ultimately took home their sixth Super Bowl win, but the real winner was the commercials. I’ve ranked my favorites: from the emotional to the funny and even the shocking.

5. Taking home my fifth place prize was Stella Artois. The Belgian beer brand featured Sarah Jessica Parker reprising her role as Carrie Bradshaw, her “Sex and the City” character. As she sits down at an elegant bar, Bradshaw orders a Stella, instead of her usual Cosmopolitan. The decision causes a ruckus: broken glasses fly and the “Sex and the City” theme song replaces orchestral music. Next, Jeff Bridges walks in as The Dude from “The Big Lebowski,” also ordering a Stella Artois and changing up the usual. This commercial was quite a treat and had me cracking up the whole time.

4. Fourth place goes to the NFL, who were advertising their 100-year game. In a two-minute commercial slot, the franchise pulled off quite a feat, featuring America’s favorite football stars and hall-of-famers in a football match amidst a fancy gala. Although I only recognized approximately two players, die-hard football fans must have been excited. For me, though, I had my eye on the delicious-looking three-tier cake the entire time, making sure it didn’t get crushed amidst all of the action. It did, and I was disappointed. But overall, it was still a captivating commercial!

3. Pulling at the heart strings and taking home the award for the most gut- wrenching, emotional commercial of the night, Microsoft’s “We All Win” advertisement featured disabled children who have been united through video games. In documentary style, audiences were introduced to adorable children and their parents, who expressed their love and gratitude for the games that allow them to interact with friends, when they would physically otherwise be unable to. Microsoft’s ad depicts the empowering and inclusive direction that the company wants to take going forward.

2. Audi presented the most shocking commercial of the evening. A grandpa gifts his grandson with a beautiful new Audi E-tron, and the grandson imagines his futuristic and exciting new vehicle. The futuristic music suddenly stops and the protagonist jolts; it was in fact all a dream and he is just choking on a cashew. The plot twist made me “go nuts.” Nice work, Audi!

1. The best commercial of the night hands-down goes to T-Mobile. There were several iterations of awkward and all-too- typical situations: the Uber driver who a guy perceives to be his date, the essay-long text message, the dad who doesn’t know how to use Google and a guy who doesn’t know how to tell his girlfriend he wants tacos, and not sushi, for dinner. I was cracking up at these hilarious scenarios, which frequently recurred throughout Sunday evening’s broadcast. 

Honorable Mention: In a “Game of Thrones”-inspired ad, Bud Light announced the new season of the hit series, coming to HBO on April 14. The intense ad featured the Bud Knight, a recurring character in the company’s commercials, and a fire-breathing dragon. It served as a major teaser for the upcoming “Game of Thrones” season, drumming up a lot of excited reactions.

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