Livening Up Formal Event Attire

Formal season is just around the corner, and most of us have started browsing the Internet and rummaging through department stores for the perfect attire. However, just because it is a formal dance or event does not mean you can’t have fun with your outfit. When figuring out what to wear for a formal event, you should not feel obligated to stick to the classic suit and tie or long princess-style gown. Here are some suggestions on how you can add flair to your formal style:

Formal Dress Alternatives

Typical formal attire usually involves a black suit and tie for males and a modest, long ball- gown for females. While these styles will always look good, they can become boring. If you want to try something new for a formal event this year, opt for an elegant short or mid-length skirt. A skirt paired with a sequin blouse, or mesh or lace bodysuit can create a popping outfit. Another alternative can be tuxedo pants with a fitted collared shirt (dare to ditch the tie) or a silk or velvet top. Elevate your outfit with a killer pair of heels.

Bold Hues and Finishes

When it comes to formal wear, a lot of people have a specific set of colors they rely on because they are considered “safe.” Men, in particular, tend not to step outside the navy, gray or black comfort zone. Challenge yourself to step it up in terms of color choice. Explore bright cobalt blues, icy magentas, dark wines and citrus hues instead of sticking to the neutral, earthy nudes and mauves of 2018. If bolder colors aren’t your thing, then try out styles with two-tone, ombre, metallic, duochrome or iridescent finishes. Even the most basic brown can become a gorgeous reflective bronze with these finishes.

Creative Cuts

Don’t be afraid to show some skin! We have seen a bunch of bodycon, A-line, maxi style dresses worn frequently at formals and dances. However, a way to amp up these formal dresses is by wearing a dress with a flattering leg slit or intricate back detailing. A corset, cross back, halter or open back will give your dress a fun but edgy look. A side, front leg or waist slit works to give long dresses or skirts that extra oomph they need to stand out.

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