Fashion Column Trend Report: Sneakers

Angie Diaz, Maroon-News Staff

Lately, I’ve noticed that Nike sneakers have been making a huge comeback. I’ve seen classics such as the Nike Air Force 1’s—particularly in white—all around Colgate’s campus. The Nike Air Max ‘97s and ‘95 LXs have also started to attract attention again and are currently enjoying their moment in the limelight on social media. The Air Jordan 1 Retros is another classic sneaker that is beginning to make a comeback. After the Nike Cortez frenzy of last year, Nike has been releasing more minimalistic takes on their throwback classics, and thus has given them a fresh and aesthetically pleasing look while keeping the sneakers’ nostalgic appeal.

Taking note of Nike’s throwback sneakers’ successful return made me start thinking about other big sneaker trends of 2018. Overall, comfort has become more of a priority this year. While sneakers from brands like Vans and Converse will always be considered classics, Fila and New Balance kicks have surprisingly become popular again. In order to help you keep track of the latest sneaker styles, here are three sneaker trends to keep in mind or leave behind for 2019.

Gum Sole Sneakers

With their tan and neutral color, gum sole sneakers provide a more nature- friendly alternative to the typical soles of most modern kicks. Since the rubber color of the sole is neutral, it tends to go with everything. The gum sole detail provides sneakers from well-known brands like Vans and Reebok with more of a retro, skater vibe. Another bonus is that the rubber used for gum soles is strong and has incredible traction, so these shoes will last you a long time.

Sock Boot Sneakers

Sock boot sneakers have been around for some time, but the trend never fully transitioned from the runway to the streets. This style is definitely for the bold and daring. The high-density, knit fabric of the sock boot style provides a comfortable feel without making the shoe itself too snug. Without a tongue or laces, the sneaker is composed of a sock upper part and rubber soles. This minimalistic sneaker design is not only athletic and functional, but also appeals to trendsetters.

Velcro or Laceless Sneakers

Even though this sneaker trend does take some inspiration from the quick and practical velcro strap on children’s shoes, brands have found a way to not only mature the look but also give these sneakers a sleek appearance. The use of different fabrics such as mesh and leather, in addition to color blocking, allows for the sneaker to avoid looking childish and achieve a balance of function and style.

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