Scarf Styling: Tips and Tricks for the Cooler Weather

The scarf is a clothing item that can be dated back as far as 1000 B.C.. Not only is it a garment that has existed for centuries, but today it has become a staple in millions of people’s closets. My go-to Christmas present for a friend has always been a scarf — it never fails. Scarves are extremely versatile, serving a multitude of purposes. They follow fashion trends, keep us warm during the winter and protect our bodies from the harsh elements. Different types of scarves are defined by the fabric, size, shape and pattern. When determining which scarf to buy, be mindful of shape and size because this will affect how it can be worn and styled. Here is a break down of three different shapes, sizes and fabrics that can be used to style a scarf and determine its functionality.

Pashmina Wrap

Pashmina wrap scarves are a timeless classic. They are made from a fine cashmere fabric, which usually makes them more expensive. Pashminas tend to come in the oblong or rectangle shape with twisted or braided tassels at the ends. These scarves can be looped around the neck or styled into a wrap. Pashmina wraps are available in a diverse range of solid colors and complex patterns.

Infinity Scarf

This type of scarf is a contemporary circular shape with no end. Even though the shape of the scarf can feel a bit restricting, do not let this close your mind to its style potential. Not only can an infinity scarf come in a wide range of fabrics — from wool to linen — but it is also available in a diverse range of designs and patterns. While you won’t be able to tie an infinity scarf in the various ways you can with a rectangular scarf, there are still possibilities with regard to tying and styling. For example, you can loop it around itself to create a textured look, make it into a vest or even wear it as a hood.

Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are enormous scarves that are so big that they can be used as a blanket. These are the ideal scarves for freezing temperatures. Blanket scarves are typically made from warm, heavier fabrics such as alpaca, cashmere or wool. They come in a variety of different colors and patterns, but one of the most popular designs for a blanket scarf is a plaid flannel pattern. These scarves look the best when they are styled into a wrap or a shawl, and perfectly complement any winter ensemble.

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