In the Light: Rachel Huang


Rachel Huang

A senior intern in the Office of Admission, Rachel Huang is often one of the first students that many of Colgate’s prospective students meet. For Huang, though, it was the uniqueness of Colgate’s name, not a senior admissions fellow, that first drew her to consider attending.

“I found it super funny because it’s a toothpaste,” Huang said, laughing.

However, once she took the virtual tour and learned more about the school, Huang knew immediately that Colgate was the place for her. Huang is an international student from Shenzhen, China and concentrates in mathematical economics and art history.

“I have always been interested in economics because it gives me a rational picture of how society works and helps me to see the bigger picture,” Huang said. “I like the mathematics aspects of economics as well, since I like to quantitatively examine problems.”

Huang studied abroad in London last fall with the Colgate London Economics Study Group. Not only was the experience extremely important to be able to meet people who work in the economics field, but it also allowed her to become closer to others in her major and the professors who accompanied her study group, Huang said.

Huang equally enjoys her art history studies.

“Art enables me to see the variety of possibilities in expressing one’s ideas and perspectives in an abstract, indirect way,” Huang said.

Art has been a huge part of Huang’s life, especially in terms of dance. She began dancing when she was four years old and has competed nationally and internationally. At Colgate, Huang is the founder and president of the first Chinese Dance Club on campus.

Huang is a representation of a typical Colgate student: she is willing to try new activities and eager to bring new things to the campus.

“Though I was impressed and excited about the vibrant dance society here, I was disappointed to find that there’s no such thing as Chinese Dance Club. I have never been the person to take initiative, to step out of my comfort zone and to start something on my own, so it took a lot of courage to decide to start Chinese Dance Club,” she said.

Although it proved to be challenging, Huang brought an important part of her culture and herself to campus and managed to get others to join her club. The Chinese Dance Club performs at Dancefest every year, and Huang hopes the club will continue even once she is no longer a member of Colgate’s campus community.

After Colgate, Huang will be working in sales and trading in New York City.

“I am very excited about the new chapter after Colgate but also feel sad about leaving this place soon,” Huang said. “I don’t regret anything that I have done here and I would not do anything differently.”

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