Thought Into Action: NaSo Hosts Kickstarter Party

NaSo founder Uyi Omorogbe

NaSo founder Uyi Omorogbe

Thought into Action (TIA) hosted a Kickstarter party for one of its new ventures on November 2. NaSo, founded by senior Uyi Omorogbe, is a clothing company that creates modern, chic designs with accents of elegant West African prints.

TIA is Colgate’s entrepreneurship institute, whose mission is to apply liberal arts to entrepreneurship, empowering students and community members to take action and impact the world with business efforts through this hands-on, immersive entrepreneurship experience, TIA students are able to turn their ideas into success stories.

As a first generation Nigerian-American, Omorogbe credits his West African heritage for the inspiration behind NaSo.

“I noticed that most African-inspired clothing that exists in today’s market is oversaturated with these vibrant prints, which really limits the versatility of the clothing. We take a minimalistic approach and subtly accent our clothing, creating looks that can be worn to both casual and formal events,” Omorogbe said.

NaSo represents more than just great clothes. The company’s mission is to empower communities across Africa. One hundred percent of its clothing is made by tailors in Nigeria who are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. In addition, a percentage of every NaSo sale is given to schools in rural African villages to support renovation efforts. NaSo provides desks, chairs, proper roofing and bathrooms—all built by local construction workers and carpenters.

“When you interact with our product we want you to have a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling that makes you think, ‘That’s right! Well done.’ Or as we say in Nigeria…NaSo,” Omorogbe said.

Omorogbe credits his involvement with TIA for much of his success with NaSo.

“TIA is a fantastic program that has not only helped me turn from a hopeless wantrepreneur into a determined social entrepreneur, but has also helped me discover my passion. After a year and a half of engaging mentorship with the alumni in TIA, I have turned my vague idea into a concrete company that has the mission to make an impact in African communities,” Omorogbe said.

To learn more about NaSo, visit, where you can also find a link to the Kickstarter campaign.

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