Paying Tribute to Three Renowned Hispanic and Latinx Fashion Designers for Hispanic Heritage Month

The designer is pictured dressing stars at the Oscars in his typically dramatic style of gown.

Angie Diaz, Maroon-News Staff

According to the 2017 United States Census, 57.8 million people of the American population are of Hispanic or Latinx origin. This equates to 18 percent of the population identifying as Hispanic or Latinx, making this group the United States’ largest ethnic or racial minority. Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated each year from September 15 to October 15. The date September 15 was chosen to mark the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month because it is the anniversary of independence for various Latin American countries, including El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua. Additionally, Mexico and Chile’s independence days are around this date as well, September 18 and 16 respectively. The purpose of Hispanic Heritage Month is to acknowledge and celebrate the rich culture, history and societal contributions of those who identify as Latinx. In order to celebrate the diversity of cultures and contributions within this community, the Maroon-News Fashion Column is honoring legendary Hispanic and Latinx fashion designers.

Oscar de la Renta (b. 1932 – d. 2014)

Born in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, Oscar de la Renta was known for his feminine and vibrant show-stopping gowns. He became internationally known in the 1960s after he dressed Jackie Kennedy. From the 1960s onward, de la Renta’s list of notable clients continued to grow and included stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman. 

Maria Cornejo (b. 1963 -)

Born in Chile, Maria Cornejo moved to London at age 12. After moving to New York City in 1996, Cornejo opened her Zero + Maria Cornejo workshop and retail concept store on Bleecker Street. One of her favorite palettes to design with is black and white. She is known for her minimalist approach to design and sculptural silhouettes. Cornejo has various dressed celebrities, including Michelle Obama and Solange Knowles.

Carlos Miele (b. 1964 -)

Carlos Miele was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and his international label can be found in over 30 countries worldwide. Miele’s designs are inspired by Brazilian culture, landscapes and local artisan techniques, such as stitching and patchwork. Miele’s most notable works are his women’s ready-to-wear collections, which demonstrate his focus on finding what he coined “a dialogue based on the tensions that exist between the contemporary and the traditional, handicraft and technology” in a 2011 interview with the New York Times.

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