Campus Safety Hires Three New Officers

In an effort to alleviate stress on existing officers, security has added three new full-time campus guards this semester. 

Colgate hired three full-time campus guards this semester to help balance shift schedules and bolster campus security. Associate Vice President of Campus Safety Daniel Gough explained that the decision to hire Erstz Cyprien, Fallon Jeffers, and Kaitlin Reich came after regular assessments of the quality of security on campus. 

Full-time officers were, prior to the new additions, working either eight-hour or twelve-hour shifts in a flex schedule that put a lot of added stress on officers, Gough explained. Adding three new officers will be conducive to an 8-hour schedule. 

Before, Campus Safety positions were divided into dispatchers and patrol officers. 

These jobs will now be combined to promote a well-rounded Campus Safety Officer. 

Gough said the addition of officers is not due to any prior incidents on campus. 

The three new officers will also help during Colgate’s busiest days of the week, which Gough said are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights, along with weekends. 

More available officers during these busy times will help maintain a safer environment on campus, Gough said. 

Officers will now be available to respond to more than one incident on campus at a time, as well as be able to switch officers on duty without having gaps in officer coverage. 

Gough said that having better security coverage on campus  this year will also allow different officers to attend after-hours events, such as additional meetings and trainings.

These meetings and trainings will additionally improve officer morale, which also adheres to the department’s mission of making a well-rounded officer position, Gough said. 

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