Timeline of Events Related to COVID-19

This is a timeline of community events and decisions related to COVID-19 (coronavirus) and important context. We will continue to update this story. If we you have new information please contact us at [email protected].

March 23

  • Six students, all tested in their home-towns, have tested positive for COVID-19, Associate Vice President for Campus Safety Dan Gough announces in an email.
  • Madison County has five confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  • Madison County Health Department confirms a death in Hamilton, NY due to COVID-19

March 20

  • A Colgate student has tested positive for COVID-19, Gough announces in an email.

March 19

  • An employee of Hancock International Airport in Syracuse tests positive for COVID-19
  • President Brian Casey sends a video message to students expressing his sadness over the school year’s rapid ending

March 14

  • Students are strongly encouraged to leave campus as soon as possible in an email from Gough
  • Colgate cancels study groups in the United Kingdom (London English, London History, Wales and Scotland)

March 13

  • President Donald Trump announces a national state of emergency
  • Cornell announces suspension of all on-campus classes for three weeks with online classes beginning on April 6, and that students must return home by March 20

March 12

  • Students are told to leave campus and return home by March 22 in an email from Casey
    • University will continue to provide “support, housing, and essential services for any of our students who are unable to return home.”
  • Hamilton College announces temporary suspension of campus classes and that students must return home within a week
  • Colgate suspends study groups in France, Germany, Switzerland and Washington, D.C.
  • The Patriot League cancels all active seasons, affecting men’s and women’s lacrosse, tennis, track and field, rowing, golf and women’s softball.
  • ECAC Championship is cancelled, affecting men’s hockey

March 11

  • Casey emphasizes the importance of community members staying on campus during the duration of spring break
  • The World Health Organization declares COVID-19 a pandemic
  • New York state closes physical instruction at all public colleges and Universities
  • NCAA cancels winter and spring championships, affecting Colgate athletic seasons

March 10

  • Classes move to online for the month following break (through April 20), announced in an email from Casey
    • Students urged to remain on campus for the upcoming spring break (through March 23) in an email and remain on campus to take online classes
    • All university-sponsored and campus-based events of 100 or more attendees are canceled or postponed until after Sunday, April 19
  • Syracuse University moves to online classes and announces the suspension of residential instruction after March 13.

March 9

  • The Student Government Association (SGA) circulates a message to the student body via GroupMe and various group chats urging students to stop spreading rumors and announcing that University communication will come soon

March 2

  • All University travel to countries with a level 3 or 4 advisory (at the time China, Iran, South Korea and Italy) is restricted, announced in an email from Vice President and Dean of the College Paul McLoughlin
    • One coronavirus case is confirmed in New York state
    • Shares link to a COVID-19 update page
    • Director of Student Health Services Dr. Merrill Miller is talking with the New York State and Madison Department of Health

February 28

  • Emergency Operations Group with over 50 staff have met to discuss emergency preparedness, announced in an email from McLoughlin
    • Shares link for updates on off-campus study
    • Directs international students and dual citizens to the Office of International Student Services
    • Announces the University is having weekly calls with the New York State Department of Health

February 25

  • 12 Colgate students are sent home from a Syracuse-sponsored study abroad program in Florence, Italy

January 29

  • Link for a coronavirus FAQ page is shared in an email from Miller
    • No known cases of coronavirus in New York state