Festival Fashion: Dressing for Spring Party Weekend

Fanny parks are a fun and versatile way to combine comfort and style. 

Fanny parks are a fun and versatile way to combine comfort and style. 

Another year, and another Coachella has come to pass. Every year, this music festival generates new trends that have risen into the mainstream and dominate the summer season. Recently, festival attire has become repetitive and generic. It is not hard to imagine what a typical Coachella-goer will be wearing. Plus, it is important to note that music festivals such as Coachella face problems with cultural appropriation; with its attendees wearing garments and accessories from other people’s cultures and disregarding the historical and religious significance of these outfits. This issue also reinforces this idea of “exotic wear” which perpetuates the notion of our culture as the standard and others as completely foreign. There is a way to enjoy this music festival and other similar events such as concerts, outdoor parties or our very own Spring Party Weekend without misusing or reducing anyone’s culture.

Enough with the overwhelming assortment of fringe on everything, flower crowns, gladiator sandals, statement jewelry, crocheted crop tops, one pieces and appropiated pieces. No need to limit yourself to one set of Bohemian-inspired looks because you feel that’s what you’re supposed to wear. Let’s explore some new trends.


Funky Sunglasses

Don’t tie yourself down to your favorite pair of Ray-Ban-sunglasses. Lately, sunglasses have gone through a rebranding of sorts and numerous styles have emerged. Ranging from small narrow triangles to large wide circle shaped lenses, it’s fun to experiment with a large variety of frame colors and lens tints.

Vintage is Back In

Vintage style is typically defined by the use of trends from past eras. Past styles from previous decades ranging from the 1920s to the 1990s can be considered vintage style. A lot of these past trends, such as baggy pants, Tommy Hilfiger overalls and windbreakers, have been appearing again on runways. Music festivals, such as Coachella, and other events where flashy attire is appropriate, are no exception.

The Fanny Pack 

This accessory has made a complete come back. In a short amount of time, fanny packs have become a style essential after years of being ridiculed on generic television shows and movies as an “uncool” accessory only worn by “the practical dad.” Fanny packs are extremely versatile and comfortable; they can hold your most important things such as your keys, cell phone and tickets in place without the inconvenience of a purse. Plus, with the immense variety of fanny packs that are on the market right now, it won’t be too hard to find a fanny pack that complements your specific style. 

Matching Sets

Matching patterned or solid colored crop tops, bandeaus, blouses or bralettes with a skirt or bottom of the same pattern or color have been misunderstood. However, monochrome outfits have become more popular and worn more frequently throughout the fashion scene. Not only can these looks be styled in ways that are incredibly sleek and modern, but matching sets can be worn casually as well. 

 Experimenting with Fishnet 

Mesh has become pretty common fabric that is mostly found in sport or street wear, and it has even made its way into evening wear. Fishnet garments have not had the same amount of luck. In spite of this, it’s looking like 2018 may be the year that fishnet will officially make its comeback into mainstream fashion. Fishnet textiles can vary from narrow small thin holes to wide large thick holes and everything in between. The shape of the holes can vary as well from diamond to more circular in shape. Fishnets have become popular as well, tops can be worn with with either a bandeau, sports bra or bralette peeking underneath.

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