Spring into Spring: Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe

Light jackets are the perfect transitional outer garment to wear throughout the unpredictable spring season.

Light jackets are the perfect transitional outer garment to wear throughout the unpredictable spring season.

After a long, snow-filled winter, we are finally starting to see glimpses of spring. The weather is getting warmer, pollen allergies are acting up and plants are sprouting in every direction. However, spring is one of the most fickle seasons when it comes to our wardrobes. One of the biggest problems I feel we all face in the spring is figuring out what to wear. Every day is different. For instance, one day the sun is out and it’s 55°F, while the next day a combination of rain and snow is falling and it’s 30°F. Although this example may seem a bit extreme, it pretty much sums up weather in Hamilton. The weather can instantly shift from one day to the next without warning. Here are some tips that will help you create a versatile wardrobe for this unpredictable time of year.

Light Jackets and Cardigans

Even though you no longer need your thick puffy coat, it is still not warm enough to ditch your outer garments. Instead, start wearing light jackets. A light jacket is any outer garment that is lightweight and less insulating. This includes parkas, the Levi’s trucker jacket, denim jackets, leather jackets, multi-colored windbreakers, moto jackets, bomber jackets and lightweight trench coats. 

While cardigans are not technically a jacket, you can wear them on warmer spring days if you need something even more lightweight than a typical light jacket. You can also wear sleeveless tops under light jackets to avoid feeling overheated on days that are warmer. 

Tights or Knee High Socks

Some days during the spring can still feel too cold for some people to have their bare legs out. A way to avoid this is by styling your dresses, skirts or shorts with tights or knee high socks. These garments allow for one’s legs to remain protected from the elements. However, make sure not to style knee high socks with long boots during the spring. This might make you feel stuffy even on cooler spring days and your outfit could appear unbalanced. 

Do Not Store your Boots Away Just Yet

Any boot that is not meant to be used for the snow or is lined with heavy material for insulation can still be used, especially on chiller spring days. This means that ankle boots, classic rain boots, sock boots or your pastel Doc Martens are all fair game in the spring. If you are worried about feeling hot while wearing boots in the spring, pair them with a flowy dress, ripped jeans or a skirt.

Switch to Lighter Fabrics and Layer if Necessary 

Instead of wearing fleece lined leggings switch to leggings with mesh sides or cutouts on the bottom. If the day feels cooler, layer on a thicker sweater with a light jacket or a thin long sleeve shirt with a thicker cardigan to establish a balance between lighter and heavier garments. 

Layering during the spring is particularly useful because it allows you to always be prepared for the varying weather. If the temperature rises steadily throughout the day you will always have the option to just take off whatever you are wearing on top and vice-versa. 

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