Quarantine Kitchen: 6 Ice Cube Tray Hacks

After a while, being stuck at home during quarantine can get a little repetitive, as can the food one is able to buy. During the lockdown, take advantage of extra downtime and start experimenting in the kitchen! 

An ice cube tray can do so much more than simply making ice. Easy to use and with little clean up afterward, an ice cube tray will quickly become a new favorite kitchen tool! While the possibilities are endless, here are a few new ways to use this versatile product. Below are six awesome ice cube tray hacks to help spice up current eats.


1. Herbie Fully Loaded: Preserve Your Herbs

In your ice cube tray, place your herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, etc.) in each slot and fill to the brim with olive oil. Place in the freezer. Not only have you effectively preserved your herbs, but you also have the perfect base for any pasta or vegetable dish!

2. Ice, Ice, Baby (Coffee Style): Coffee Ice Cubes 

Never experience watered down coffee again! Simply fill your ice cube tray with leftover coffee and freeze. Use your “coffee cubes” to make caffeine-packed ice coffee or try in a milkshake!

3. Dough, Re, EAT!: Cookie Dough 

Whether you want to make the perfect sized cookie or just like to eat cookie dough, scooping your batter into an ice cube tray makes perfect proportions! Either bake after removing from the tray or keep the dough in place and save for later. 

4. Wholly Ravioli: Homemade Ravioli 

Making homemade ravioli does not need to be super labor-intensive. Simply place your first layer of pasta over the whole ice cube tray and fill each slot with the ravioli filling of your choice. Then, cover with the top layer of pasta. Cut into pieces and toss into boiling water to cook!

5. Get Fruity: Fruit Infused Drinks 

Nothing makes a drink more refreshing than these fruit-infused ice cubes! Place your favorite fruits into the ice tray slots and fill with water (blackberry, raspberry and pineapple recommended). If looking for a more decorative garnish, try freezing flowers in your cubes. Same process as the fruit and a beautiful outcome!

6. Feel the Burn: Soothing Aloe Vera Rub 

Sunburns and paper cuts will no longer bother you thanks to this homemade Aloe Vera treatment! Mix Aloe Vera with some lavender/almond oil (or keep plain) and freeze overnight. Rub carefully over the sunburned area or cut for a cool, soothing treatment!