SNL Star Mikey Day Brings Laughs to the “Zombie Pirates”


Mikey pokes fun at the beloved (yet oddly creepy) Colgate Raider; however, we will always remember our zombie piratesque friend.  

This past Saturday night, on April 21, Colgate students got the opportunity to witness “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) comedian and actor Mikey Day perform stand up in the Edge Cafe. The Edge was packed with students looking for a laugh after a long day, and Day did not disappoint.

Sophomore Patrick Toohey from Colgate Stand Up introduced Day’s opening act who was none other than Streeter Seidell who you may know from CollegeHumor but who is also a writer on SNL. Seidell joined the SNL community in 2014, and often writes sketches with Day. 

Seidell started right off the bat by interacting with the audience, drawing everyone in immediately with his pointed humor, laughing about the ride up to Colgate and the endless cow manure fields. Seidell attended Fordham University and told the audience some of his most ridiculous college roommate stories, which made anyone in the audience feel better about their own roommate problems. With that, Seidell ended his hilarious set and introduced Day. 

“What’s up, zombie pirates?” Day eclaimed upon first getting on the stage, in reference to the Colgate mascot: a grey-skinned Raider.

After a thorough analysis of Colgate’s impressive club scene featuring clubs such as the Beekeeping Club, Day explained that his father had recently begun using a smartphone, so Day had no other choice than to mess with him a bit. Day revealed some of the pranks he texted to his dad through an elaborate slideshow of screenshots, which was a huge hit with the audience. His father’s responses to his obscure text scams brought the audience into peals of laughter.

“I loved that [Day and Seidell] both joked about Colgate so much because it made the whole set so relatable and funny,” first-year Emily Lubin said. 

Next, Day decided let the audience in on some behind-the-scenes intell about SNL by giving a run-down of several of his rejected sketch ideas, which were all extremely witty. This goes to show just how selective the process for sketch approval must be. His sketches portrayed his unique humor which reaches audience members of all demographics. 

To wrap up this portion of his set, Day showed a clip of his favorite SNL sketch starring Chris Pratt, called “Marvel Can’t Fail.” This sketch was about Marvel’s ability to turn any comic book and any character into a mainstream, adored and successful film. The fake Marvel movies included in the sketch featured one with a cast gathered from a public bus, a cast of one woman named Jane and another with a Harlem Globetrotter and an alien real-estate agent. 

Day closed the show with hilariously embarrassing stories from his childhood, which were also a big hit. His charisma and incredible story-telling ability caused the audience to burst into laughter, and even though he left the stage after this, the audience would have gladly stayed and listened for another hour.

“I thought it was so cool that we got to see Streeter Seidell and Mikey Day. They both compliment each other so well, and I had a really great time,” first-year Elizabeth Elder said.

Colgate’s edition of “Saturday Night Live” was a huge hit, and the laughter brought by Day and Seidell made for a perfect ending to a beautiful day in Hamilton.

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