Colgate Senior Drafted to the New York Red Bulls

Senior midfielder, three time All- Patriot League pick and two time Patriot League honoree Jared Stroud will be playing for the NY Red Bulls next season.

Senior midfielder, three time All- Patriot League pick and two time Patriot League honoree Jared Stroud will be playing for the NY Red Bulls next season.

Gideon Hamot, Maroon-News Staff

After leading the Colgate men’s soccer team to the Sweet 16 for the first time in the team’s history, senior Jared Stroud was selected with the 83rd overall pick in the Major League Soccer (MLS) Superdraft last week, and will be playing for the New York Red Bulls next season starting March 3rd. We sat down with the future pro in an interview this past week to talk about what’s to come.

Maroon-News: When did you start playing soccer, and when did you begin to take it seriously?

Jared Stroud: I’ve been playing since I was a little kid. My father grew up playing in England and that is where my passion derived from. I remember watching games and playing with my older and younger brothers almost every day of my childhood. It’s safe to say that we destroyed our basement and house kicking soccer balls around. Things became more and more serious as I got older, but I still have so much fun being out there with my teammates.

MN: What was the moment you began to think to yourself that you could play professionally?

JS: When I was a young kid I always dreamed of becoming a professional player and revered older players that I watched on TV. I always had a different sort of passion for the game and imagined myself playing professional in the future. I always believed that I could play at a higher level even when I got to college and realized that the path may be a little harder coming out of a smaller school.

MN: As you leave the Colgate program, how do you think you have grown as a player throughout your time here?

JS: When I got to Colgate, I was a player with potential but was certainly immature. In my first year, I was suspended for the last game of the season because I received too many yellow cards and my playing reflected my immaturity. As my career progressed I became a smarter player and better leader. The majority of my growth was a result of my teammates and coaches who I was able to learn from and the extra work that I put in.

MN: What has been your favorite moment with the Colgate Soccer team?

JS: Making it to the Sweet 16 and beating Michigan this year. Hands down. I also can’t leave out our dramatic penalty shoot-out win last year in the Patriot League Championship. 

MN: How does it feel to have such a historic season during your final year with the Colgate team?

JS: We [seniors] couldn’t have ended our careers any better. For the senior class, we wanted to leave the program in a better place than when we first arrived and we can honestly walk away with that being true. As a player on the team, I always felt so lucky to be in the presence of all of my teammates and to make history with them made our last year that much better.

MN: Looking ahead, how do you believe you can provide an impact in the MLS?

JS: I think that I’m a unique player that can hopefully make an impact immediately. I like to think of myself as a two-way player that is creative on the attack. I’m excited to push myself to the next level and learn from the players above me as I go through the next phase of my career. From what I understand, the MLS is a standard where everyone has a lot of raw talent and skill, but the most successful players at this level are the ones with the best attitudes and mental strength. I believe that I can separate myself from others in this category.

MN: Final thoughts?

JS: I’d like to thank my teammates and the Colgate community for providing me with such a great environment for the last 3.5 years. The other eight guys in my class are the greatest guys I’ve met in my life. I’ll miss them this spring.

The 2018 Major League Soccer season will begin on March 3, 2018.

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