In the Light: Kelly Haberl


Kelly Haberl

Tessa Ruff, Maroon-News Staff

Senior Kelly Haberl grew up in Summit, New Jersey. She committed to Colgate for lacrosse during her junior year of high school, drawn to the school because of the opportunity to pursue both athletics and academics. 

“During my time here, I have received so much support from my professors and coaches to pursue my interests both inside and outside of the classroom,” Haberl said.

Haberl is completing her major in Physics and a minor in Computer Science. Though she chose Physics because she enjoyed the problem-solving techniques it requires, Haberl notes that a large part of her positive experience as a Physics major has been the close-knit Physics community. 

“Since there are only around 30 physics majors in my grade, we have become very close with each other and with our teachers over the past four years as we have struggled together through challenging classes. These relationships have really impacted my Colgate experience and are a large part of why I chose to be a Physics major,” Haberl said.  

Haberl has dedicated most of her time outside the classroom to the women’s lacrosse team. 

“Playing on this team over the past four years has defined my Colgate experience and has shaped who I am as a player, teammate, student, and person. Most importantly, it has allowed me to form close friendships that will definitely extend past my four years at Colgate,” Haberl said.

Haberl is also involved in the Colgate Engineering Club, which she founded with three classmates her sophomore year. She hoped to apply the topics they were learning in class in a more hands-on setting. Projects have included building hoverboards, designing weather balloons and 3D printing solar-powered cars. Finally, as a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Haberl has met many people and participated in several philanthropy events. 

Haberl loved the summer she spent working at a small technology startup in Barcelona after her sophomore year. 

“Working abroad was a very rewarding experience. The general culture of Spanish companies is very different than the culture in New York City, which is what I was used to before I worked in Spain. This experience gave me a new perspective on working professionally that has impacted me at the internships I have had since then,” Haberl said. 

Haberl cited the impactful relationships she has built as what she will miss the most about Colgate. Haberl recommends stepping outside your comfort zone and take a risk. 

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