Fashion Column: Holiday Gift Guide

With the end of the year approaching quickly and every student’s mind focused on finals, it’s easy to forget about the holiday season. Often, we don’t remember to buy gifts for relatives, friends and significant others. Most of us end up last-minute shopping and there’s no shame in this. So to relieve the pressure and stress of holiday shopping, here is a guide to assist you with your last-minute gift buying endeavors.  


Who doesn’t love a colorful pen set or a brand new planner for the new year? Stationery gifts are best for the people in your life who are artsy, love to write or enjoy being organized. Fun desk accents, stationery gift sets, personalized pads or note cards are gifts that are not only chic but also serve a functional purpose. 


When buying an accessory for someone, don’t just purchase something because it looks cool or cute. Think about whether they need this item, if they’ll actually use it and if it suits their style. Why buy it if they are not going to use it?  A couple of suggestions for accessory gifts are keychain chargers, pins to personalize a jacket or backpack, jewelry sets, scarves, watches, beanies, pom pom hats and caps. 

Clothing and Shoes

Try to stick to classic brands that produce quality items. Look at department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and TJMaxx because these stores have a wide variety of well-known brands and on-trend clothing items to choose from. When buying clothing for somebody, start by looking at items like knit sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts and fuzzy socks – unlike pants, these items require less specific measurements. A nice pair of boots for the cold winter months ahead, comfy slippers or a sleek, new pair of kicks for gym days are also great gifts that won’t go unacknowledged. 

Personalized Items 

Personalized items are gifts that are specifically customized with a special message, photos or a person’s initials. Some examples of objects that can be personalized are mugs, clutch bags, key chains, photo frames or albums, t-shirts and snow globes. This type of gift is ideal for relatives, close friends or significant others.

Custom Homemade / Sentimental Gifts

To achieve a more heartwarming effect with a personal touch, homemade gifts are the way to go. Scrapbooks, DIY (Do It Yourself) accessories, spa scrubs from simple ingredients and custom care kits are just a couple of ideas of what you can make. There are thousands of DIY and homemade gift guides online to help you brainstorm and create your gifts. 


If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, electronics make great gifts. Items like speakers, headphones, earbuds, headsets, polaroid cameras, Xbox or Playstation games, Kindles, etc. are stand out gifts and are sure to be appreciated. 

Gift Sets

For the less personal and more obligatory type of gifts (maybe for a Secret Santa), gift sets are a good way to go. Places like Ulta, The Body Shop, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Bath and Body Works and Sephora all sell gift sets that are under $25.  

The Last Resort 

If you’re extremely behind on holiday shopping, some cash and a nice handmade or store-bought card will suffice. If you end up having to do this, my advice is to never get gift cards – just give the cash. Unless you’re certain that the person you’re getting the gift card for shops at that particular store often save your time and theirs and just give them cash inside a card.

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